I don’t have anything against knitters. In fact, I think crocheters and knitters (and all crafty people) should absolutely respect and support each other. Nevertheless, I don’t knit and so there’s a part of me that’s totally drawn to the Too Legit to Knit imagery on various items available through CafePress (which I learned about through a Pinterest post from Ritalicious Yarnin‘).

For example, I want this journal to take my crochet idea notes in:

And maybe this wall clock for my work space:

What do you think of the Too Legit to Knit items?


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  1. Gypsygarnet60 Reply

    Agreed! There are plenty of greeting cards, sweatshirts, etc. with knitting references, but rarely do I find the same with crochet. And, why, when I walk into my local upscale (aka expensive) yarn shops, if I say I am a crocheter, the employees’ noses reflexively rise towards the ceiling? I know my money is as good as anyone else’s. Just an observation that has always puzzled me…

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