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You know that I love to tell you about all of the great crochet blogs that are out there. I’m a little bit obsessed. But there’s one area that I haven’t focused on … until now … and that’s the foreign language crochet blogs. Most crochet blogs are image-rich so you don’t necessarily need to know the language in order to be able to enjoy the blogs.

I follow quite a few foreign language blogs. Many of them are in Spanish but there are some European foreign language crochet blogs I enjoy as well. Some are entirely in another language whereas others offer bilingual posts. I should note that I discovered many of these terrific blogs thanks to my Hooked Together Blog Project.

My favorite foreign crochet blogs are:

  1. El Blog de Che Crochet. This one is brand new to me. I discovered it because the Argentinian blogger was the winner of my Crocheted Softies book giveaway. It’s a very pretty Spanish crochet blog with lots of lovely project shares. There’s a translation option in the sidebar. @CheCrochet
  2. La Ventana Azul. This blog from Barcelona is written in Spanish but has translation options. It includes a little bit of knitting but is mostly crochet project shares that are displaying with terrific images.
  3. Linhas Imaginarias. This Brazilian crochet blog is in Portuguese. It’s a multicraftual blog with a lot of crochet shares. There are great colorful photos although there’s also a lot of text that I don’t always understand because there’s not a built-in site translator on this one.
  4. Es Un Mundo Amigurumi. A Spanish language amigurumi crochet blog. It is filled with lots of photos and the projects are always super cute. No translator built into this one either though.
  5. Innovart en Crochet. This Spanish language blog from Uruguay is made up almost entirely of photo posts. I adore the crochet finds although I would love to know more about the sources of the photos that aren’t her own lovely work. There is a translation option in the sidebar for the little bit of text on the posts.
  6. Crochet en Accion. This Spanish crochet blog (which does offer a translation option) shows some really cute projects. The one thing I’d say is that I’m not sure that permission has been obtained to share the patterns that are here so I don’t use the patterns but do like the blog for some visual crochet inspiration.
  7. Haken en meer. This is a Dutch blog with a translation option in the sidebar. It includes crochet tutorials and lots of great, colorful, detailed photos. I loved the recent visual tutorial for crocheted clothes hangers.

My favorite bilingual crochet blogs are:

  1. Haak-en-Stekie. This blog has some posts that are all in English and others that are bilingual in Swedish with an English translation. There are lovely crochet project shares here with an emphasis on colorful motif-based projects.
  2. Eleven Handmades. You have probably seen me mention or link to this great Latvian blog that has bilingual blog posts. I absolutely adore the fabulous crochet clothing designs from @elevenhandmade. I’m also intrigued by her new #crochetonthestreet project.
  3. Sols(tr)ikke. This is a bilingual blog out of Norway that includes crochet, knitting, sewing and other crafts. Filled with photos.

Do you enjoy any foreign language crochet blogs?


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  1. Claudia Iramaz

    Hola!! soy de Rosario , Santa Fe,Argentina, me interesa saber cómo puedo acceder a tener agujas de crochet y libros!! me gusta mucho tejer y en mi facebook muestro lo que hago, un saludo enorme y gracias por su respuesta!! espero visiten mi facebook, ta que no tengo página, si tengo mi blog, el enlace està a travès del facebook!! Graciass!! Buen crochet y buena vida!!!

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  3. CrochetBlogger

    I received an email from Magda of Pigtails.com letting me know:
    “Hello – I just went through your list of foreign crochet blogs in order to find some nice ones in Scandinavia. I noted that you descriibe Haak en Stekie as English/Swedish but want to let you know that she actually blogs in English and Afrikaans, not Swedish! Thank you so much for your great blog and involvement in the craft. I love reading about all your new discoveries. Have a great weekend and please do take a peep at my blog too!”

    Thanks Magda: http://pigstails.blogspot.com/

  4. ChristellePretoriusBotha

    Again, thanks for the mention, Kathryn!