This week I’ll be doing lots of roundups of what was on Crochet Concupiscence in 2011. It’s Monday and that’s crochet art day here so let’s recap the crochet artists covered on the blog this year:

Crochet Artists with Multiple Posts About Them

Works of Sarah Applebaum, Leslie Blackmon, Olek, Xenobia Bailey

Other Crochet Artists

Works by Barbara Koenen, Crystal Gregory, Jack Davis, Vanessa Chan, Ming Yi Sung, Gwen Blakley Kinsler, Laurel Roth, Carolyn Yackel, Patricia Waller, Ernesto Neto, Sheila Pepe, Joana Vasconcelos, Emily Barletta, Babukatorium, Nathan Vincent and Sara Christensen Blair

Works by Nick Cave, Shauna Richardson, Vince Quevado, Aldo Lanzini, Miller and Shellbarger, Alexandra Bircken, Ana Laura Alaez, Lisa Young and Doug Gilford
Works by Robere Mertens, Orly Genger, Tracy Krumm, Julie Kornblum, Wertheim sisters, Rachel Vasquez, Caroline Routh, Anoli Perrera and Magda Sayeg

Crochet Art News

My Crochet Art


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