Oscar de la Renta Cashmere Cardigan

Scotland has a long history with cashmere. It’s a soft, wonderful fiber to work with although it’s important to make sure that it’s ethically sourced. Young Scottish designers are taking heed of this and bringing a new vibrant and hip quality to the use of cashmere in fashion.

Cashmere and Crochet

The reason that I first became aware of this whole Scottish revival of cashmere is because I love to follow news about fashion designer Christopher Kane. He had some great crochet work on the runway not too long ago including some cutting edge takes on the traditional granny square. A top fashion product was his version of a cashmere granny square biker jacket. Since 2008 Kane has been working in collaboration with Johnston’s, a Scottish mill launched in the eighteenth century and well-known for luxury cashmere.

Cashmere Beyond Crochet in Scottish Fashion

Of course, not all of the young designers in Scotland who are bringing new life to cashmere are working in crochet. They are doing other types of knitwear as well. But their approach is interesting. A great article in Daily Record gives a lot of insight into this. It explains how these designers are going back to their roots and celebrating Scottish cashmere but putting bold new twists on the designs for a trendy consumer base that isn’t interested in the old-fashioned cashmere twinset.

A quote from the article explains:

Fashion expert Emily Quinn, who lectures in textiles and design at Heriot Watt, said: “Cashmere has never been unfashionable but it did need to move forward and keep innovation at the forefront of what it was doing.”

Fascinating! Do you ever crochet with cashmere?


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