This week’s yarn review is of Rowan’s Designer DK Wool. This yarn has been discontinued but I came across five skeins recently so I know you can still find it out there! And I know that people are still using it since it’s listed in more than 600 stashes on Ravelry!

Basics of this Yarn

This is a 100% pure new wool yarn that was made by Rowan Yarns in England. It must be dry cleaned or hand washed and blocked to dry. It is a five-ply sport weight or DK weight yarn that comes 125 yards (or 50 grams) to a ball.

The Yarn Color

The color of this yarn that I came across is a dark green color very close to the color shown in the image above although maybe slightly darker and less “olive”. Judging from the stashes on Ravelry, this yarn was made in many different colors, perhaps more than three dozen of them. From what I can tell, they are all solid colors, not variegated colors. Here’s a screenshot of a few more of the colors from Colorful Stitches:

The Way This Yarn Feels

This yarn has the feel of a traditional 100% wool yarn. It’s neither too soft nor too scratchy. I think this is the first time that I’ve used a sportweight wool yarn. I usually use either laceweight wool or worsted weight wool. I like this weight for wool because it is both light and full. I can see the finished product being a little bit scratchy for people that get bothered by 100% wool products but I wouldn’t say that it’s excessively so and I feel comfortable wearing this yarn.

How I Am Using This Yarn

This is the yarn that I’m using to make the cowl / scarf that’s a WIP that I showed off last week. I’m working some basic stitches as well as some more textured stitches, including bullions. It’s a little tough to work the bullions with this yarn (I’m still learning those!) but all in all this is a fairly easy yarn to work with.

Conclusion: Although this yarn has been discontinued, it seems to still be widely available and may be worth checking out if you enjoy working with 100% solid color wool yarn.


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