This week’s yarn review is of one of the big box yarns that I got for free on Listia. It’s Bernat Baby Jacquards Yarn and the colorway that I worked with was called Macaroon.

Basics of this Yarn

Bernat Baby Jacquards is a lightweight #3 yarn with a recommended hook size of G (6). It is a 90% acrylic yarn with 10% nylon so it’s got a little bit of stretch and give, which I’ve been really enjoying in recent projects. It comes in a 3.5 ounce ball that is approximately 350 yards. This yarn is machine washable and dryable.

The Yarn Colorway

The one thing that I really ended up loving about this yarn was the colorway. The one that I got is called Macaroon. It consists of long strips of cream and little brown with shorter strips of dark brown and blue and little tiny spots of green. It’s very unique in terms of dyeing design in comparison with any other yarn I’ve ever used.

The way it is dyed creates a really fun patterning process as you crochet. It seems to self-stripe and then those flecks of blue and green show up here and there. I saw it described somewhere as a “yarn that knows the pattern” and I swear it’s like this magical thing to see as you work with it. I loved that part of this yarn.

For those who aren’t sure, “jacquard” refers to a loom type used to create various textiles and “jacquard crochet” is a synonym for tapestry crochet, which is patterned crochet usually with great colorwork. That aptly describes how this yarn works up.

If I were to use this yarn again, I’d like the same colorway but almost might find it fun to try these other color options:

Boo Berries is a great combination of different shades of blue with white.

Strawberry Jam actually feels a little more like Starburst than jam. Yummy!

There are more than one dozen different colorway choices in this line and as you would expect they trend towards colors for baby or child items.

The Way This Yarn Feels

Although I kind of adored the magic of the self-patterning colorway, I become indifferent to this yarn when it comes to how it feels. Basically, here’s how I feel about acrylic yarn: there is a spectrum of acrylic yarn ranging from the really cheap vintage stuff that feels terrible to the amazingly soft and impressive acrylics that you just want to hold in your hands forever. Most acrylic yarn, however, falls somewhere in between and all starts to feel the same in my opinion. I’ve never held a baby alpaca yarn that I was indifferent to but I frequently find myself indifferent to acrylic and that’s how I feel about this one. I will say that it’s ten percent nylon content adds some nice “give” that makes it more special to the touch than a 100% acrylic yarn.

How I Am Using This Yarn

I only got one ball of this yarn from my Listia order but that’s still a lot of yardage so I decided to use it to make a really plush, double-thick cowl. I did this by repeating one of my favorite stitch repeats, a fpdc and then a bpdc repeated all the way across each row. This creates a really thick super-ribbed fabric that is really plush and cozy. I made it the length I wanted then stitched it together with a slip stitch. I then chose to add a few rows of the pattern going in the opposite direction to make a neckline that works either up or folded over.

Conclusion: Although I tend to be indifferent to big box acrylic yarns, I find the self-patterning features of this yarn to be rather magical! Plus I feel like you get a lot of yardage in one ball of this yarn.


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