In addition to all of the crochet blogs that I read, I also try to stay on top of crochet news reports. I fell a little bit behind because of travels and other things going on so over the past few days I’ve been catching up on about two weeks of crochet news. One of the things that struck me as I looked at all of the news reports together is the huge number of people who are crocheting to give to others. It’s terrific!

Here is a roundup of recent news reports about individuals and groups that are crocheting for charity:

  • Women Crochets Hats for Kids. Marian Myers crocheted hats for every single kindergartener and first grader at one Florida school and made additional kids’ crochet hats to three other local schools. She made about 800 crochet hats for donation.
  • 17,000 Knit and Crochet Items Donated. That’s right, the fifty participants in the Knit Wit group have crafted more than 17,000 items for donation to various causes including hospitals, military families and a Head Start program.
  • Cancer Survivor Crochet Hats for Chemo Patients. Sharon Whiteside is a breast cancer survivor who used to walk in the Susan G. Komen race for the cure. She can’t do that anymore since developing COPD but she still wants to support cancer survivors. She now does so by crocheting chemo caps for other people going through cancer treatment.
  • Senior Center Crochets Helmet Liners for Overseas Troops. The Mechanicsburg Senior Center has a knitting circle whose participants crochet and knit helmet liners for troops stationed in Afghanistan. The really touching story here is that one of the women is a stroke survivor who has paralysis in one hand but has made modifications to allow her to be able to continue to crochet for the cause.
  • CAPS Has Been Donating Crochet and Knit Items since 1981. They started out knitting layettes for babies in a hospital but have since gone on to knit and crochet numerous items for various patients including about two dozen blankets per month. There are fourteen women in the group at this time.
  • Seniors Make a Teddy Bear and Mini-Blanket for Traumatized Children. A group at the Marlborough Senior Center crochets what they call “Burden Bears”. These are given to emergency personnel to give to children they encounter in their work and they are also donated to children in hospitals.
  • Woman Crochets 2500 Mini Stockings for Overseas Troops. Her stockings will be included in packages sent to military members stationed overseas during the holidays as part of the Christmas for our Troops program.
  • Knitted Knockers: Knit and Crochet Breast Prosthesis for Cancer Patients. Sue Klipsch has knit 200 Knitted Knockers, a soft form of a breast prosthesis for women. They are donated to women who need them through various channels included an affiliate of the Susan G. Komen organization. Individuals who want to do the same can learn to knit or crochet these “knockers” for donation.

Interested in crocheting for a cause? Here are 25 groups that accept crochet donations.


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