This week’s crochet book review is a review of Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. It is a beginner crochet project book filled with colorful creations that help you progress through basic skills to create great, fun crochet projects.

Who this crochet book is for

The subtitle of this crochet book is “learn to crochet with these 35 adorable projects”, which gives you a great indication of who the book is designed for. It’s a starter book for people who are just learning to crochet but who want to learn to make more than just a scarf, granny square or other common beginner project. Although it’s intended for beginners, this crochet book is filled with super cute projects that the advanced crocheter might enjoy working just for fun rather than for skill development.

Format of this crochet book

This crochet book begins with a short intro by the author about what we can expect to find in the rest of the book. This is followed by a section called “crochet know how” that provides instruction in how to crochet. This section uses clear drawings and text instruction to teach the skills needed to do the basic projects in this book including the basic crochet stitches, decreasing and increasing and how to single crochet squares together.

After this section, we get into the thirty five crochet patterns in this book. They are organized into three chapters in a format designed to progress through crochet skills to help you with learning crochet. The chapters are “starting out”, “practice makes perfect” and “confident crocheting”. The projects are about equally divided between the three chapters and include wearables, home decor and blankets.

Each crochet pattern in this book includes:

  • Project name. A cute to-the-point name like Springtime Throw or Cafetiere Cozy.
  • 1-2 sentence project description. This tells you what the project is and why it’s fun to make it.
  • Skill level required. Such as “level 1: beginner” or “level 2: improver”. I actually thought that this was kind of unnecessary since the book is designed in a skill progression manner but it’s there.
  • Yarn. This book says exactly which yarn is used included brand, fiber content and color. This is helpful because you can use that information to do yarn substitutions if you so desire.
  • Other materials required. Such as the hook size for the project.
  • A list of all abbreviations used in the project. This makes sense since it’s a beginner’s book and this information can be a helpful reminder at the start of each project.
  • Finished measurement.
  • Gauge information.
  • Method used. For example, the “springtime throw” is a blanket made up of square motifs so we learn that the method used is to make a total of 432 squares by making 14 each in 30 different color combos and another 12 in random colors.
  • Row by row instructions. They are clear and easy to follow.
  • Finishing information. Although in this book that information is called “to make up”.
  • Tips. I love the little tips that are set aside in boxes throughout the books, providing helpful information about the pattern.
  • At least two color photos of the finished product.
After the three sections of pattern, there is a section of both US and UK suppliers for the yarn and tools used in the book. This is followed by a simple index and acknowledgments.

Examples from this crochet book

It was seriously tough for me to choose just a few projects from this book to show here since there are a lot of super cute choices. What I tried to do was show the diverse range of the projects with my selections:

Egg Cozies

Cafetiere Cozy

Chunky Luscious Pillow

Summer Evening Shawl

Other notes

One of the most notable things about the projects in this crochet book is that they incorporate a lot of fun work with colors. The photographs in the book do a great job of showing off both the work and the colors, so the book is a joy to flip through for that reason alone.

Conclusion: This is a well-written book with a lot of fun projects designed to take the beginner through a progression of crochet skills. I like it!


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  1. I have long wanted to get this book just from the gorgeous cover alone! It’s nice to see some of the lovely projects inside. Thanks for sharing the review!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Misty … I want to make more than half of the things in this book! Hope you end up getting a copy and enjoying it!

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