Another week has come and gone and we’re kicking off a new one. Time flies. Here’s an update on some of the crochet things going on here in my corner of the crafty world.

Crochet Creative Writing

Most of the writing that I do is non-fiction writing, especially when it comes to crochet. I love to research and to share factual information and true stories. However, I also do some creative writing, including stories and poems related to crochet. I’m a writer over at HubPages and they’re hosting a creative writing contest this month so I’ve been putting some of that creative writing out there for the first time. In particular, I’ve been publishing a series of creative letters written to my crochet projects and the yarn I’m working with. Kind of a sense-of-humor way of tracking my crochet work in words. If you’re interested, here are some links to that crochet writing:

First Crochet Commission

One bit of exciting news that happened this week is that I got my first commission to make a crochet item for someone else. I’ve certainly made lots of crochet stuff for other people but I’ve never specifically been hired to do so and I’m excited about this pleasant turn of events. I’m planning to go above and beyond in my delivery of this product because I believe that’s important when it comes to commissioned work! More on this as it develops.

Crochet Art Project Update

I’m a little bummed to say that I didn’t meet my fundraising goal to get the money to launch Swaddle, my crochet art project. That means that I don’t get any of the money even though I did have about half a dozen people say they wanted to support me. I can’t be too sad, though, because I did receive a lot of support from people who are interested in the development of the project. I still plan to move forward with it. I’m just going to have to revamp both my plans and my pace for the project to accommodate the limited budget I can allow for it. That’s most likely going to mean using more clearance yarn instead of better-quality yarn that supports indie dyers and sellers, which isn’t the route I wanted to go, but we’ll see how it pans out. I’ll be spending next week focusing heavily on the editing of my crochet book and then I’ll come back to this project and give it some attention to rework the plan.

More Free Yarn From Listia

I honestly don’t spend all that much time on Listia but I do spend enough time to consistently get free yarn from the site. Here’s what I’ve gotten since my last yarn update:

The last yarn hasn’t actually arrived yet so I pulled a photo from the Internet. It’s a mohair silk blend that I’m curious to try but I only got the bottom seafoam color, not the other colors in the photo.

What’s going on in your crochet corner?


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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    Sorry you didn’t get the funding you needed for your Swaddle art project.

    • Kathryn Reply

      It’s okay @Debi – I’ll find a way to make it happen. Thanks so much for the support. You’re terrific!

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