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If you’re new to my Monday morning posts, welcome! Here in my Crochet Corner, I provide some info on what I’ve been up to all week in the world of crochet, yarn and hooks. This week I’ve been taking lots of crochet photos to make slideshow videos, working with new crochet hooks and trying crochet hexagons for the first time.

Crochet Photos Coming Soon

I spent an entire day recently taking photos of all of the crochet work that I’ve done in 2011. I still don’t have a new camera after mine broke recently but I used a combination of my ipod, my cell phone and my computer to take the shots that I wanted. I still want to do higher quality photos with a new camera, especially to get close-ups of the details in the crochet work, and I plan on doing a professional photo shoot with my work in early 2012. But until then, I’m really happy with what I’ve got.

I have tons of photo editing to do before I reveal too much. I’m going to be making slideshows of my work. Many of the crochet items I photographed are from my own designs. Some of these patterns will finally be posted soon (mostly for sale, a few for free) and others are one-of-a-kind items that I’ll be putting up or sale. So I’ve got a lot in the works. Here’s a sneak peak of just the hats that I made in 2011. A couple of these are from other people’s designs, which I’ve reviewed in other places on this site, and I’ll be telling you more about all of them in a more complete post in the near future. The video is just to give you an idea of what I’ll be doing with slideshows to show off more of my work.

Thoughts on Crochet Hooks

I am pretty boring when it comes to my crochet hooks. Although I want to try lots of different crochet hooks (especially wooden and glass ones to see what those are like) I mostly just use the same Boye aluminum hooks again and again. And I usually use either a D with laceweight yarn or an F, G or H with thicker yarn. But this week, I’ve been doing two different crochet hook things. One is using my E aluminum hook with a worsted weight yarn. The other is using the new G Clover Soft Touch that I got during my last trip home.

I don’t know what possessed me to go with an E hook. The pattern I’m using called for a smaller hook and crochet thread. I don’t usually have the patience for threadwork so I adapted the pattern for a thicker yarn instead. However, I decided not to go too big with the hook and for some reason, I picked an E. The pattern is basically single crochet and I’m finding that crocheting a lot of single crochet in an E with this weight yarn is hard on the hands! I’ve been switching off that project with a large granny using an H hook to give my hands a break in between sections.

As for the new Clover Soft Touch hook, I haven’t made up my mind yet. It’s lighter to hold than my usual G hook and that makes it feel different. In some ways, I like the lightness, but in some ways I feel like it’s too light, as though it doesn’t have enough substance to it when I work. So I don’t like or dislike that feature; I’m just indifferent, I guess. The other difference is that there’s a flat thumb grip on the Clover Soft Touch, whereas my Boyes are round. I don’t really like that difference, but I think it would just take some getting used to. I’ll have to use it more to get a sense of when I like to use this hook best.

Crochet Hexis

I mentioned yesterday in my Year of Projects update that I’m working on putting together a bunch of little hexagons for a crochet laptop cozy. This is the first time that I’ve ever made the hexagon shape in my crochet. It was a little funny to me when I realized that since I know that I’ve eyed many crochet hexagon projects that other people are doing. (The crochet version of the beekeeper’s quilt is the hexagon pattern I eye the most.) I suppose that this is because most hexagon projects I’ve seen consist of a lot of colorwork and a lot of motif joining, both of which I like seeing in other people’s work but don’t love doing myself. So, it’s interesting to be trying this new pattern, and I’m having fun experimenting with different sizes and variations on the hexi now that I’ve got the basic design down for the pattern.

Crochet Blog Updates

Finally, I thought I’d let you know about some small blog updates that you may or may not have noticed here on Crochet Concupiscence:

  • Crochet blogroll gone. I’ve deleted my sidebar blogroll for the time being. This was because of a behind-the-scenes issue it was causing on the blog but it also made sense to remove it at this time. I read more than 200 crochet and yarn blogs and I want to think about the best way to choose the ones that I put in my blogroll before I add that back on. In the meantime, you can always get an idea of what blogs I read and love by following my Link Love posts on Saturdays.
  • Find more ways to connect with me. I’ve updated the links to my various social sites in the sidebar of the blog. I don’t use Facebook a lot for Crochet Concupiscence, but I do use it to follow other people’s crochet things. You’ll also find my Pinterest and Ravelry info newly added there along with the Twitter, StumbleUpon, G+ and feed links that were already there.
  • Number of features shown. I’m manipulating the way that I show posts on the home page to make the blog perform better for all of my readers. If you don’t read the blog daily then you’ll see all of the day’s posts on the page along with a couple from the previous day. If you don’t read the blog daily, you can see older posts by going to “older posts”, choosing the category that you want to look at, checking out the archives or adding the blog to your feedreader. I’ll be doing a survey in the near future to get more feedback on this layout.
Thanks for sticking with me as I develop my crochet art and progress with the blog!

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