Today’s crochet quote celebrates the crochet and other crafting innovations of the nineteenth century, innovations that changed the face of needlework forever. The quote is by Irina Stepanova in her article on Berlin Wool from the November / December issue of Piecework Magazine.

“The nineteenth century was a century of innovation. The arts, manufacturing, and trade flourished; dazzling new machines, inventions, and curiosities seemed to appear on the market every month. It was a time of fascination with science and technology, and the Victorians in particular tirelessly designed, improved, and experimented with devices that could make in a day what previously had taken months to complete by hand. It was inevitable that they would turn their unbridled energy, ingenuity, and talent to modernizing handmade needlecrafts.”

A lot of great things happened for crochet during this time but I also think it’s worth noting that there remains to this date no crochet machine that can do what crocheters do by hand!


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