I know that the title of this blog post sounds like a joke. Who wears crochet nose warmers or nose warmers of any kind for that reason? Apparently quite a few people have shown an interest in this niche business launched by Sally Steel-Jones. A Sheffield Telegraph article explains that this forty-something mom created the first product for herself, saw a business idea and has steadily been growing her small online business.

What is a crochet nose warmer?

It really is exactly what it sounds like – a cozy and warm crochet item that you use to cover your nose. The maker was trying to keep her heating bills down at home when she realized that she always had a cold nose. She took out her crochet hook and made herself a hot pink crocheted cover for her nose. She used crochet chains to create straps that wrap around the face to keep the nose warmer on and keep the nose nice and toasty.

Going beyond crochet

Over time Sally has found that crochet isn’t the only option for making warm and wonderful nose warmers. She has started to use fleece, faux fur, velour and other fabrics to create her nose warmers. She does still sell her crochet originals, though, of course.

Who buys nose warmers?

Sally reports that she has customers in Europe, North America and Australia. Her nose warmers are primarily purchased by outdoor enthusiasts like skiers, hikers and golfers. They’re a low cost item that can help solve a little problem of feeling cold because your nose gets cold. I don’t think I’d wear a nose warmer myself but I do find the feeling of a cold nose annoying so I kind of get it. Her nose warmer sales have quadrupled in her second year of business so Sally is obviously doing something right.

Going beyond nose warmers

Although she’s gotten known for her nose warmers, this business woman has branched out and is also selling other items in her online store. Stoles, snoods, wrist warmers and ear muffs are all available. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of crochet other than the nose warmers but if you’re a fan of fleece then you may find something here that you like.

More crochet nose warmers

After learning about this, I did some looking around online. I found that indeed there are several other people who make and sell crochet nose warmers. A particular popular seller seems to be Aunt Marty on Etsy.

So I have to know … would you wear a crochet nose warmer?


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