Last week I had lots of great progress to show off on my attempt to make crochet bags using twenty five different patterns for my Year of Projects goal. This week I’ve worked a lot but the work has been slower so I have a bit less to show off. I’ve got one almost-complete laptop cozy and another that’s just being started. Let’s take a look.

Crochet Cardigan Sleeve for Laptop

The first crochet pattern that I decided to work on this week is the laptop cardigan sleeve from Chocolate Mints in a jar. The pattern is somewhere between a true pattern and a basic tutorial and I found it mostly easy to follow although I made a few adaptations.

Adaptation one: colorwork

The original is done entirely in one color but I got really tired of working in one color after having done so for quite a few large bags. I decided to do half in a light greyish blue and half in a darker blue. When it came time to make the top closure of the piece, I held both strands together to make a two-toned top.

Adaptation two: gusset

This design calls for a gusset to be made to close the bottom of the piece. I thought it would be interesting to try this. However, in the end. I couldn’t get the length to work out right and I decided I was wasting my time. I instead chose to single crochet the bottom shut and then to add a couple of more rows of single crochet for both strength and visual appeal.

Adaptation three: metal buttons

One of the things that makes the original design look so great is that it has these terrific wooden buttons. I still need to add buttons to my bag to finish off the piece but I’m planning on using metal buttons instead of wooden buttons because I think that would work better with the colors that I selected.


I am happy with this crochet bag. It is large enough for my laptop, which is a 13″ Mac and even has a little extra room. This makes it a bag that is sized well enough to fit many different types of Christmas presents, which is probably how I will end up using it. I didn’t really like the way that the design called for a seam in the middle of the back of the piece and I probably wouldn’t do that again. However, I did like the textured side of the pattern a lot, so it worked out well enough in the end.

Phazelia’s Crochet Laptop cozy

The second crochet laptop cozy that I’ve started working on is called Phazelia’s Laptop and can be found on Ravelry as a free download. The original design is a series of crochet hexagons that are done in bright colors. I have decided that I’m not going to use bright colors for mine but am otherwise following the pattern pretty closely. So far I have made three white hexagons for the piece. Incidentally, this is my first time making hexis so I got to learn something new. I am leaning towards doing all of the hexis in white and then crocheting them together using black for some drama. However, I may do half in white, half in black and do the edging in red. Any thoughts on that?

Did you see my roundup on everyone’s year of projects goals?


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  1. Trinity Resler Reply

    Very cool! I totally need a new laptop cover. I left mine at my brother’s house and it somehow got beer spilled on it. Men, what can I say.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Trinity – Laptop covers are a great crochet project mostly because they are fairly quick to make but can be as simple or detailed as you want!

  2. It is odd about the seam in the middle of the cover, especially for such a simple shape. At least putting the two colors makes it looks like there’s KIND of a reason for a seam. I’m excited to see the rest of your hexi’s! The idea of the black/white with red edging sounds just right for that pop of color without going to crazy.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Nicole – I appreciate the feedback on the hexi laptop plan. I think you might be right. As for the seam, I agree that it’s a weird way to do the design. The tutorial author did say that you can place the seam anywhere you want but she did hers in the middle and I was just kind of following along. The color change made it look more intentional though :)

  3. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Glad to see you are back in the swing of making bags. I like your blue color choices.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marie – Thanks – I’m happy to be back in the swing of things too although I’ve now set aside my current cozy to make a plush cowl :)

  4. Ruthmckeown Reply

    Love your laptop covers, something I’ve not seen before so I think they are very cool.
    I think either white joined with black or black and white with red edging would be dramatic and give it the wow factor…I would opt for white with black to join but hey that’s just me lol, looking forward to seeing what you decide.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Ruth – Greatly appreciate the feedback!!

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