Take a couple of minutes to watch this beautiful lyric music video and see if you can spot the crochet in it:

From what I understand, Christina Perri put out a call to artists who wanted to see their work featured in a music video. The first people to respond each got assigned a word from the video and could create it using the art of their choice. Nancy from Nancy’s Crochet got the word “to” and she did it in crochet. Later she was asked if she could do one more word so she also crocheted the word “up”.

The words go by quickly in the music video but you can see both of her pieces if you look closely. It’s easier if you know what you’re looking for:

How fun! Great work Nancy!


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  1. There is another, what looks like crochet, at 1:14 (the word to in “don’t stand so close to me) – it flashes FAST> And the UP doily appears at the very beginning too – same one. It’s spinning on a fan or something.

    Very cool!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Cris … I didn’t spot that other one. Good eye!!

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