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Vanessa Chan sells her amigurumi creatures on Etsy. A lot of people do this so what elevates Chan’s work from craft to art? That’s a huge topic but for me the stop-motion video shown above is the answer here. Chan not only creates cute creatures but has used video work here to bring them to life in a cool artistic way.

More about Vanessa Chan

I learned about Vanessa Chan from a recent article in the Times Herald-Record. It explains that she is an Etsy store owner in her early twenties who made her first cute ami creature (a happy-faced egg) a few years ago. She launched her Etsy store The Pudgy Rabbit to sell her original amigurumi designs. Her other main creative love is stop-motion animation and she created the Building Blocks video for her senior project, combining the two creative works into one.

Vanessa Chan’s Amigurumi Art

Vanessa Chan’s amis are similar to a lot of the amigurumi items that are popular these days. They are cute little creatures with silly expressions. There is nothing dark or dramatic about them and you don’t get any tortured artist experience here. Of course, you also don’t get any other huge art messages like you might with other types of crochet art. I do think, however, that you start to get a little bit more in-depth art exploration with her crochet video. There’s something a little creepy or sad or thoughtful about it. So there’s some mystery in there that you’re not going to see from the stand-alone crochet pieces and that intrigues me.

Some of my Fave Chan Pieces

Other than the video, a few of my favorite amigurumi items that Vanessa Chan has created include:

This Smores Monster is a postcard that Chan sells and shows how she combines amis with photography to create some cool art pieces!

Crochet Dim Sum Bun

Scared Red Apple with Monster Worm

What I Hope To See From Chan

I think there’s a lot of really cool art potential in Chan’s work with video and still photography. I hope that she’ll continue to stretch her amigurumi designs as well as to explore how to use these other mediums to keep taking those individual items to the next level in art.

Question of the Day: Do you consider amigurumi a form of art?


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  8. Love this Crochet artist. Thanks for sharing her information!

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