It’s the last week of my ongoing project to present you with 25 lists of 25 things to inspire your crochet. This brings us to a list of 25 interviews with people who crochet. I love reading (and conducting) crocheter interviews because it can give you so many fresh ideas for your own crochet along with insights into the act of crocheting.

So, here we are, with links to 25 interviews of people who crochet. Note that the first 13 are interviews from here on Crochet Concupiscence and the other twelve are crochet interviews on other people’s blogs but were done as part of the Hookin’ Up Project that I hosted earlier this year.

  1. Interview with Kaij who crochets great fascincators for sale on Etsy.
  2. Interview with PeaceJoyYarn, a team of sisters who make jewelry and other crochet items.
  3. Interview with crocheTime who makes really cool crochet clocks.
  4. Interview with crochet artist Leslie Blackmon of the Baa-merica pop culture sheep exhibit.
  5. Interview with TrendyKnitting, Etsy seller of terrific detailed crochet shrugs that I adore.
  6. Interview with nerdJERK, a Bay Area crocheter who makes awesome nerdy crochet like video game inspired amis.
  7. Interview with Abinocoe who makes great crochet chain jewelry using a unique style that she’s still perfecting.
  8. Interview with BobiCreations who uses great colorwork in her hats, coasters and other crochet creations.
  9. Interview with Nita of Lilena, an Etsy store with great crochet wine cozies, baskets and more.
  10. Interview with Dona of Onajeans, an Etsy store of lovely items for babies and kids.
  11. Interview with Mille Chauser of the Etsy store mhandmade.
  12. Interview with JacquiJCrochet who sells her fun and easy crochet patterns online.
  13. Interview with SnippetFairy who crochets monsters and other soft sculptures.
  14. Interview of Caissa from the great crochet blog Art, Like Bread.
  15. Interview of crafter Liz from Donna’s Decembers.
  16. Interview of Deneen from the blog Yarns and Musings.
  17. Interview of Julie from Twisted Strands who has sent 200+ squares to Knit a Square.
  18. Interview of WAHM crocheter Poppy&Bee.
  19. Interview of crocheter Crafty Corley.
  20. Interview with Misty of Crochet Your Way.
  21. Interview with Cheryl of Purple Butterfly Crochet Collection.
  22. Interview with Kelly Black of Shorty’s Sutures.
  23. Interview with Rowena from An Open Book.
  24. Interview with Cute Crochet Chat.
  25. Interview with Tamara of Crochet with Tamara.
And as a bonus, you can check out the interview that Underground Crafter recently did with me! Hope you find something inspiring in these interviews!

Next week I’ll be back with a roundup of all 25 inspiring lists in this series and then I’ll be starting an exciting new series. Stay tuned!



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  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Thanks for the link love. I love reading interviews with crocheters, too!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marie … Maybe that’s why you’re so good at conducting them!

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