I was impressed when I read the story about a 103-year-old woman who was still crocheting at such an old age. Then I was really shocked when I found out that there’s a 105-year-old woman who still crochets. But even that has been beat now as I’ve uncovered a news story about a 106-year-old woman who is still holding the hook.

Margaret Rosina Perring was born in March of 1905, meaning that she turned 106 years old earlier this year. This amazing woman is still living in her own home despite her old age. Wow! And she continues to be active with both her crochet and knitting.

Although what piqued my interest about the story was that Margaret is still crocheting, I went on to learn from the article that she is working with a volunteer who is ghostwriting her life story for her. I think it’s terrific that she is using the end stages of her life to share her personal story, because each of has a unique story that I believe is worth sharing!

There is a lot to Margaret’s personal story. She got scarlet fever at age five which left her with poor eyesight that made it difficult for her to see the chalkboard well enough to do well in school. She left school at age fourteen but that same year she taught herself, as well as her mother, how to read. She also began working that year, getting a job learning machine embroidery.

Margaret continued to learn new things throughout her life. At age 70 she decided that she wanted to learn how to drive and she continued to drive for the next sixteen years. If you assumed that she learned to crochet as a kid, you assumed incorrectly. She taught herself the craft along with knitting at the age of 102! She’s been crocheting actively for the past four years, keeping herself busy making hats and scarves for the 120 members of her family.


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  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Wow, what a great story. I love her willingness to learn new things!

  2. Debra Yorston Reply

    I love these stories. I hope I’m still crocheting when I hit 100. :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Debi – Me too … And I’m so glad someone else enjoys these stories too! :)

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