Note: this online photo is NOT of the woman described in this article.

I am constantly seeking out stories about cool old women who are crocheting into much older age. I’ve discovered several women who are crocheting past their one hundredth birthday. I thought that the oldest crocheting women out there was 103 (there’s actually two of them!) but it turns out that there’s a 105-year-old woman who is still crocheting in the UK.

Matt Watts reportedly recently that 105-year-old Ivy Hardy is the oldest resident of Sutton, a suburb of Southwest London. She was born in 1906. She is a former nurse. She has been living independently until very recently but just moved to Sutton to live with a granddaughter. She has one child who is now eighty-two years old and an extended family that includes nine great-great grand children.

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of information here about her crochet. The report says that she used to like dancing and enjoys crochet so the presumption here is that she continues to crochet to this day. Good for her!


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