Plarn, as you may know, is the name of the “yarn” that is created by cutting plastic bags into strips and attaching them together. Quite a few people have made a small business out of using plarn to make handbags and other items. (For example, Tina Dean Designs just had plarn bags featured at The Emmys!) One of those people is Jacky Acosta, a twenty-two-year-old undocumented student who hopes that her plarn business can pay for her to get an advanced college degree.

SCPR shared Acosta’s story in a report about a spoken word performance that Acosta was doing to raise awareness of the plight of undocumented young people in Southern California today. She explains that because she is undocumented and does not have legal status in the United States, she was not able to get scholarships or funding for college. Part of the reason her family came her was to live that American Dream and that includes getting a college education.

Acosta started her plarn business, selling crochet bags as well as hair clips and other accessories at various fairs and events. This helped her to pay for college. In June she graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in psychology. Acosta doesn’t want to stop there, though. She wants to get a masters degree in education and is hoping to grown her plarn business to be able to pay for that education. She hopes one day to make enough money with her business to be able to offer scholarships to other young adults in similar situations.


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