Happy I Love Yarn Day! To celebrate I decided to do today’s crochet quote a bit differently. Instead of finding a single source for a quote, I decided to ask my Twitter friends to finish the sentence “I love yarn because” …

Here are their answers:

  • “I love yarn because it enables me to tangibly express my desire to offer warmth, protection and love.” @TheologicalZomB
  • “I love yarn because … it makes me happy, it sings to me and it always provides inspiration! Aaaaahhhh….. Yarn!” @ShortysSutures
  • “I love yarn because … …the crochet possibilities are endless!!” @jamietoohey
  • “I love yarn because I am an addict.” @craftystuffs
  • “I love yarn because it is a medium to channel and express my creativity.” @LokipanCrochet
  • “I don’t think that sentence needs anymore :)” @knittynatter
Why do you love yarn?

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