I saw a cute crochet story in the news last week and just wanted to share it:

A woman in Mansfield Ohio took a survey that entered her into a sweepstakes. She ended up winning the sweepstakes and got a $200 American Express gift card to use however she wanted to. How did she choose to use it? To buy crochet supplies!

Sweepstakes winner Sandra Gilliam crochets doll dresses as well as afghans, which she gives to her family members. I’m assuming that what she will be getting with her winnings is a nice bit of yarn! Oh, and she’s also going to take her husband out to a nice dinner.

What would you do if you won $200? What about $2 million?!


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  1. 2oo? crochet stuff like her. 2 mil? Retire to a nice little house in the country! :o)

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