Anna Murphy is a retired woman who loves to crochet. She says that she could probably crochet one blanket per day despite her hands slowing down a bit as she’s aged. However, she holds herself back and does a more reasonable six blankets per month, which she donates to nursing home residents and cancer patients.

Who is Anna Murphy?

Anna Murphy is an eighty four year old woman who has lived in Florida since retiring from Verizon in 1989. She was interviewed by Tampa Bay Times staff writer Jean Hayes for the human interest section of the paper.

Crocheting for a Cause

Anna Murphy loves to crochet and she loves to give to others. The two passions definitely go hand-in-hand. She began crocheting blankets for nursing home residents as well as for cancer patients as a way to keep busy and happy after her husband passed away. She does this work through the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, which has recognized her with awards for her efforts. In April 2011 she was recognized for donating 1200 hours already this year! The year before that she received a volunteer of the year award.

Crochet Heals Her, Too

Murphy not only crochet to help others but certainly also crochets because it’s healing for her to do so. In addition to helping her through the tough time after her husband’s passing, crochet is helping Murphy deal with the anxiety of slowing going blind from macular degeneration. She is able to crochet by touch and to continue her crochet work despite her vision problems. This makes her happy and surely also makes her feel like a contributing member of society despite her health issues.

Finances Hinder Crochet Donations

Murphy says that she could crochet more than the six blankets per month that she currently donates but finances are a problem. Her RSVP group used to get a lot of yarn donations from both small and large sources but many of those donations have dried up. She buys her own yarn for projects when she can but of course money is tight for a retiree.

Who is the most generous crocheter that you know?


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