I am always on the lookout for crochet artists that I’m not familiar with so my attention perked up when I saw Craft Gossip’s recent post about plarn and fiber artist Julie Kornblum. I had to research further!

More About Crochet Artist Julie Kornblum

Julie Kornblum is a fiber artist who has been exhibiting her work since 2001, starting in the Los Angeles area where she is based. She does a variety of different types of fiber art work as well as other domestic craft arts like basketry and jewelry making. She has won awards for basketry, fiber art, two-dimensional art and woven wall hangings. She spent two years as the EcoArt Group Chairperson for Southern California’s Women’s Caucus for Art and has been working for the past four years as a workshop instructor and public speaker in her field. She learned to crochet from her grandmother.

More About Julie Kornblum’s Art

Kornblum’s fiber art work often has an environmental message to it. She was part of a 2007 exhibition at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art called Global Warming, Artists Speak. The following year she had a solo exhibition in Florida called Julie Kornblum: Past, Preservation and Future. Kornblum often works with unusual or unconventional materials and has done many pieces using recycled plastic bags. She also does some metal crochet work to create jewelry pieces from copper.

Kornblum Quotes

Julie Kornblum has an Etsy shop that is currently empty as of the writing of this post. I like what she has to say about her work there:

“I weave, knit, crochet, and make baskets; and love the interplay between textile structures and the colors and textures in the materials. I love using fiber art techniques to create my wall pieces, sculptural baskets, and jewelry. The process is as satisfying as the final product.”

But she also has some more art-oriented things to say about her work in her artist statement on TAFA.

“My work combines the immediate and the ancient. I apply post-modern materials to the centuries-old processes of basketry weaving knitting and crochet. As a fiber artist, I follow the path of a thousand generations of artists from around the world. As a contemporary artist, I’m concerned with how our plastic trash impacts the environment.”

Examples of Kornblum’s Creative Crochet Art Pieces

Julie’s artwork is not limited to crochet but of course that’s what I’m most interested in showcasing here. A few of her crochet pieces are:

I think my favorite piece of Kornblum’s is this three-dimensional plarn sculpture of the Earth

This is another type of globe that Kornblum has created. This 2011 piece is a plaster globe with the Earth in cotton crochet.

This is the piece that CraftGossip highlighted. It’s plarn crochet around old hubcaps to create flowers. I love the play of soft and hard as well as the recycling aspect of this art.

This is a 2011 crochet flower piece called What Can I Say? made from recycled telephone wire and other recycled wire.

This Copper Lace Choker is a crocheted jewelry piece that Kornblum sells online.


Other Plastic Bag Art

Although this isn’t crochet, I wanted to draw attention to some other really cool pieces that Kornblum does using recycled plastic bags. Like this one:

Julie Kornblum Around the Web


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  1. What a perfect creation, an artwork with an environmental concern. This is cool, I wish other should come up with the recycling ideas turn to something unique.

    Pete of http://www.biogas2.com/

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