Every crocheter loves yarn. And many of us love to see into the world of yarn, whether that means watching a spinning competition at a local wool festival or reading blog posts about naturally dyeing yarn. So for a lot of us, it would be a real treat to get to go into a yarn factory and see how the yarn is made. A movie currently in theaters gives you a small peak inside a well-known yarn factory and a video by Vickie Howell takes us on a tour of another factory.

Coats & Clark in Courageous

The Coats & Clark yarn factory located in Albany, Georgia was the setting for several scenes in a new release movie called Courageous. The movie isn’t about the yarn factory but you can see it in the background. And several of the employees at Coats & Clark were extras in the film so that’s kind of fun. Learn more from Fave Crafts Blog.

Vickie Howell Tours the Caron Yarn Factory

Want to get more into the nitty gritty of what it’s like inside of a working yarn factory? If you happened to miss seeing it when it was first published, take the chance now to watch Vickie Howell’s behind-the-scenes tour of the Caron Yarn Plant in North Carolina, which she released earlier this year:

If you could tour any yarn factory, which one would you choose?



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  1. Carmelvineyard Reply

    I’d want to see the Noro factory in Japan! Or perhaps an Italian one? Or one that spins alpaca in Peru…

    • Kathryn Reply

      Ooh @Carmelvineyard – all great choices. Let’s take a world trip to see yarn factories!

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