I always think that it’s fun to see what crochet designs are featured on the runway and in the lookbooks each season. Designer crochet is often cutting edge, fun and inspiring. These designs are often among those crochet items worn by celebrities so celebrity crochet spotting is also fun.

Here’s a roundup of the celebrity and designer crochet I saw around the web in October:

Celebrity Crochet

Fitness model and author Jennifer Nicole Lee adds a crochet top over her sexy swimsuit

Actress Monica Bellucci wearing Dolce & Gabbana crochet skirt for fashion shoot

Designer Crochet

I am more than a little in love with this structured crochet detail jacket by Argentine designer Cardon

Designers José St-Jacques and Simon Bélanger featured unique crochet at their Unttld runway show, part of the Mercedes-Benz StartUp Competition

Mataano had a great crochet top at African Fashion Week

The Ella Moss Spring 2012 Look Book features some crochet inspired details

Blanco’s Fall / Winter 2011 / 2012 Look Book includes some fun crochet pieces

Have you seen designer or celebrity crochet lately?


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