If you were here on the blog yesterday then you know that I’m a little off of my usual posting schedule. My crochet corner is usually on Mondays and a crochet book review takes the first spot on Tuesday mornings. The delay is due to the fact that I fell behind while visiting my family in Tucson. You can see yesterday’s post all about the Tucson Wool Festival (warning: cute alpaca pictures included!) I’m here now to share the rest of what’s been going on with me in crochet and I’ll be back later today with a crochet book review and GIVEAWAY.

New Yarn From Wool Festival

The one thing I didn’t include in yesterday’s post on the wool festival was the goodies I got from the great vendors who were there. I only bought four skeins of yarn but of course I eyed lots of other stuff. Here’s some of what I saw:

And here’s what I bought:

The two colorful skeins are washable wool skeins from Chamomile Connection. The fiber content on each of those is 46% bamboo, 43% wool, 11% nylon. That gives it a nice stretch and a great softness. I’m looking forward to working with them. The tan skein is made from churro sheep, something I’ve never tried before. It comes from Canyon Wren Ranch in Tucson and has the slightly rough, traditional feel of 100% wool. The cream colored skein is my favorite because it’s uber super soft. It’s 100% baby alpaca yarn from JMS Alpaca Farm in Casa Grande, AZ. One fun thing about that one is that it tells me on the tag the names of the alpacas it came from: Smidgeon and Sly Fox.

New Crochet Hook

I always use the same crochet hooks – a set of Boye aluminum hooks. I do have two other hooks – a large hook (an M maybe?) in plastic and a light-up hook. However, I really want to start trying other types of crochet hooks to see which ones are good for what. I had to stop at a store to get a new D hook because mine got irreparably bent somehow. I got the Boye to keep my set intact but I also decided to try a new hook. I got a Clover Soft Touch because I’ve heard lots of good things about them and it was an affordable choice that was available there. I got it in G size because I like having lots of extras of the F, G , H hooks since they seem to wander off and party where I can’t find them a lot of them.

Mom and Sis are Starting an Etsy

Vintage photo of mom with a checkerboard crochet blanket she made in the 1980’s. Love this photo!
While I was home I helped my mom and my sister launch their new Etsy store which is going to kick off with all crochet items. Mom has a great selection of vintage crochet items that she made when we were kids, the best of which is a set of crochet checkerboard blankets with accompanying checkers. It was fun to go through that stuff, see what she had and get them ready to get on Etsy. Their store isn’t quite ready yet. We got the basics up and took some pictures of items using the camera phone that we had available at the time so they still need to add some descriptions and better photos. Nevertheless, if you want a sneak peak you can check it out at HomespunAndFun.
Hope you had a great weekend!!

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  1. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    I love the pic and your mom’s giant checkerboard! It looks great.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Marie … It’s so fun to see the stuff my mom used to make as well as to go through her old crochet magazines!

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