I was going through the photos on my computer this week to find something to share with you since my camera is still broken and I realized that I’ve never shared my crochet iPod case with you. I made it a year or two ago and it’s still holding up nicely.

The yarn is a dark teal yarn although I can’t remember what the material is. It’s something soft that has naturally felted a bit over time.

It was made using simple double crochet. I made a rectangle in that, seamed it up the sides and then added a triangle flap by doing decreased on either side for every row until it came to a point.

I love the dragonfly button although it’s actually a decorative button and not a functional one. (It’s on the exterior of the flap, rather than on the body where it could actually secure the flap down.) If I made it again, I’d make the button a functional one, but this iPod cozy has served me well.


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