Legin Knits is a crochet and fashion business that was launched in 1996 but I’ve only just come across it myself. It has an interesting history and is doing some good work in the Toronto area.

What is Legin Knits?

Legin Knits is a fashion line that began with the production of headwear and then moved into creating other accessories and full outfits. Crochet plays a primary role in the Legin Knits designs. This interest me not only because I’m always interested in crochet businesses but also because this is a male-owned business, which isn’t so common in the world of crochet.

Legin Knits Crochet History

Legin Knits was created by Nigel John whose parents are from Trinidad and Tobago although Nigel himself is from Canada. Nigel visited his parents’ old homes regularly and in 1996 decided that he wanted to use his trip to Trinidad to learn to crochet. He learned from a Trinidadian Rastafarian named Sean, making his first skull cap and brim during that trip. From then on, Nigel was in love with crochet, making lots of hats and then advancing his crochet skills over time to create other crochet clothing.

Some Examples of Legin Knits

I like some of Legin Knits hats but I’m also kind of love with Legin’s crochet swimwear:

Classic black crochet baseball hat

Crochet Swimwear from a photo shoot called Natural Beauty, full gallery here

I kind of adore the chain detail in this sexy top that was part of a Miami photo shoot

Legin Knits Giving Back to the Community

One of the things that caught my attention on the Legin Kits website is the mention that Nigel teaches crochet to kids in his neighborhood as a way to keep them off of the streets. Awesome.


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