I was touched recently when I read the story of Querisha Felix, a twenty-four year old college student who is desperately in need of a heart transplant. She is keeping her mind and hands busy during this time by crocheting blankets for others, a healing act that many people find helps them during times of ill health.

Who is Querisha Felix?

Querisha is a Texas Women’s University student who is in the hospital and in need of a heart transplant. She has congestive heart failure that doctors think came from a virus although they don’t know where or when the virus was caught. During the time that she has been in the hospital, she has crocheted blankets for the children that she used to babysat and has started on a crochet car blanket for her sister.

Crocheting for Health

As some of you know, I am currently working on a book about the physical and mental health benefits of crochet. Obviously crochet isn’t going to heal someone in need of a transplant. However, it can help significantly with the anxiety and stress that someone is going through in times of serious illness such as this. Stress exacerbates most health conditions so engaging in the distracting, meditative and healing craft of crochet can be very valuable.

Organ Donation Crochet

I’d also like to point out that I recently wrote about organ donation crochet (such as crocheting for organizations that raise awareness of the need for organ donation) as a birthday blog post for my dad who is a pancreas and kidney transplant survivor.

Read Querisha’s whole story here


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  1. Susand1408 Reply

    I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I was losing the feeling in my hands. I get pins and needles and can’t feel what I am picking up. The doctors just kept uping my dose of tablets. it would work for a short while and then it would start again. I decided to hunt the internet for answers and found that quite a few people recommended knitting or chrocheting. I can’t knit and find it very stressful so I decided to see if I could learn to crochet. I did and it changed my life. My hands are great and I have found my calling! I am addicted and love making things!

    • Kathryn Reply

      What a great story @Susand1408. I am working on a book about exactly this topic and would love to chat further if you’re interested. I’ll shoot you an email about it this week. Thanks for commenting!

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