One of the articles that I came across recently in my always-going search for crochet news was a Q&A article about fashion in the Toronto Sun. The woman writing in said that she’s constantly feeling warm now that she’s going through menopause and she’s not sure how to wear comfortable clothing to accommodate this while still feeling trendy and stylish. The answer that the author gave was to wear crochet.

“Review your cardigans and jackets, as layering items that combine a light airy feel will help. Retain the ones that you can wear for all four seasons. Crochet and loose woven cardigans can be winterized, and anchored with tanks and shells in darker shades for underpinnings. You can eliminate things like turtlenecks that feel confined and heavy. Substitute these with cowl necks or tops with open necklines.” news source

I think there are obviously a lot of things to consider here as far as whether or not this would be true for you. It depends where you live and what the weather is like there. After all, a hot flash is a hot flash but there’s a big difference between a California winter and one in Minnesota! I also think it depends on the material that your crochet cardigan is made of because an openwork design may help you air out but there’s a big difference between a laceweight cardigan and one made from 100% bulky wool!

Nevertheless, I thought it was an interesting suggestion. What do you think?


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  1. I live in the desert of Arizona and I know that I look forward to our winters so I can actually feel ‘cold’ once in a while when I have a hot flash! I seldom wear any kind of sweater anymore other than a light weight (darn near see through) opened front cardigan. I will wear a scarf once in a while to keep the neck warm though. If I were to crochet anything to wear it would be with light weight or even cotton yarn and would need to have lots of “holes’ in it to ventilate. (looking forward to the day when these personal power surges leave!)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Menoce – I’m originally from Arizona so I know all about the weather here. I’m in San Francisco now, though, where it’s all about layers and layers and layers!

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