This week’s book review is of a 2006 book called Lion Brand Yarn Vintage Styles for Today: More Than 50 Patterns to Knit and Crochet. Of course, the “today” is from 5 years ago and it’s a “knit and crochet” book, not just crochet, but there’s a lot to get from this book. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy some great vintage fashion in its pages!

Who this Crochet Book is For

The premise of this book is truly genius – it’s a compilation of vintage crochet and knit patterns that have been updated to reflect a more modern style. This update is important for two reasons. First, there is the fashion aspect of making the styles more flattering to the current fashion styles. And second, vintage crochet patterns were written a bit differently than today’s crochet patterns and the update makes it easier for people to work on these patterns.

Note that this is a combination of knit and crochet patterns and there are several patterns that are knit with crochet edging so it’s especially ideal for people who are familiar with and enjoy both needlecrafts. It was put out by Lion Brand Yarn so it helps if you like their yarn although you could obviously always do substitutions if that yarn isn’t your thing.

Format of this Crochet Book

This book begins with an introduction to the book and some notes on vintage patterns, substituting yarns and sizing. Then we launch into the chapters of patterns. There are eight different chapters with 5-9 patterns in each chapters. The chapters are:

  1. Women’s Jackets and Cardigans
  2. Vests and Shrugs
  3. Shawls and Wraps
  4. Sweaters for Everyone in the Family
  5. Hats and Scarves
  6. Baby Stuff
  7. Mittens, Gloves, Slippers and Socks
  8. Home Decor
Each pattern includes:
  • Pattern name and short description
  • Vintage photo showing original inspiration piece
  • Color photo showing the modern finished piece
  • Technique and Skill Level. Such as “Crochet – Easy”. I appreciate this because you can easily see when you flip through the book whether the patterns are crochet or knit although I do wish there was a table or index showing all of the crochet pattern locations in the book.
  • Finished Size
  • Exact yarn used, yarn amount and weight
  • Hook size and other notions used
  • Gauge information
  • Details for special stitches
  • Row by row instructions. Seem clear.
  • Finishing instructions.
  • Sometimes there are diagrams for assembly.
The patterns are followed by a section showing knit and crochet techniques including drawings, a selected bibliography and a short index.

Favorite Patterns from this Crochet Book

The Romantic Cardigan, originally called The Breakfast Jacket

The Retro Vest, now worn as a top instead of over a blouse

Crocheted Baby Kimono

Special Notes

I appreciate that there are A LOT of patterns in this book. I also appreciate that more than half of them are crochet, which isn’t often the case with combination knit-and-crochet pattern books.

In my opinion, some of the styles aren’t truly modern or stylish despite being updated. In fact, in some cases, I prefer the actual vintage pattern look. But I like the premise of the book and there are some good adaptations here.

Conclusion: This is a good combo crochet and knit book for people interested in vintage patterns, especially if you like to work on a variety of different types of products.


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