Today’s crochet book review is of a book by a blogger that I adore, Stacey Trock AKA @FreshStitches. I actually didn’t even realize that she had a book until really recently and I was excited to check it out when I found out. Her book is called Cuddly Crochet: Adorable Toys, Hats, and More and it’s true to its title.

Who This Crochet Book is For

This crochet book has a full introduction with information about how to crochet all of the stitches and techniques in the book so it could easily be used by a beginner. It is filled with patterns for toys as well as hats, blankets and bibs for babies that are animal-inspired. If you like animals and cuddly crochet and making stuff for little ones then this is a good crochet book for you to check out.

Format of This Crochet Book

This crochet book starts with a very personable introduction by Stacey, part of which I love is that she gives you permission to take your own path with your crochet. Next is the intro to crochet that you often see in crochet pattern books and it includes helpful information about choosing yarn and hooks, sizing crochet hats, and purchasing unusual notions like animal eyes for crochet toys. Then there’s the guide to basic crochet stitches with clear drawings and that feeds into a similar section on advanced crochet techniques like working in the round. It’s a comprehensive introduction. It ends with an important page showing the specific round by round instructions for basic animal shapes used in patterns throughout the book (like basic arms and legs).

The book contains twenty different patterns. Each pattern includes:

  • Cute pattern name.
  • One sentence description of why the crochet pattern is great.
  • Skill level.
  • Approximate finished project size.
  • Yarn used. It shows weight and colors here and later in the book we learn specifically what yarns Stacey used.
  • Hook size and other notions required.
  • Multiple photos of finished product from various angles.
  • Special notes (such as to work in BLO). These are at the start of the project, which is always appreciated since many of us don’t read all the way through a pattern before getting started.
  • Row by row instructions for making each piece of the project. For example, the first pattern is Annie the Adorable Bluebird and it has instructions for making the head, body, feet, wings, tail and beak.
  • Assembly and finishing instructions.
  • Notes set apart in boxes with tips for changing the pattern (such as using a different color for Annie the Bluebird) or using cotton yarn to turn a blanket pattern into a towel.
After the patterns are done, we get a short end section of the book providing crochet resources. These including a glossary with crochet abbreviations, a yarn weight chart, a guide to the skill levels of the book, a directory of the specific yarns the author used in the book, suggestions of where to get yarns and other materials and finally an “about the author”. There is no index in this book.

Favorite Crochet Patterns from This Book

Two of the crochet patterns that I thought were especially cute in this book:

Hazel the Bouncy Bunny

Scenic Koala Blanket

Other Special Notes

I love the great photos in this crochet book and the fact that there are multiple photos with each pattern. I also love the fun font that is used throughout the book for titles and headers – just adds a nice pop to doing the work!

Conclusion: Cuddly Crochet is an easy-to-understand crochet pattern book for people seeking to make cute stuff for babies.


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  1. The book appears to be a fantastic one. The koala blanket is adorable.

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