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Wow. How the heck did October get here already? I can’t believe I’ve had another month of posts to share with you already along with recently updating the entire look and design of the blog! It’s true, though, here’s the last month of posts in case you missed anything big on the blog in September.

My Favorite September Crochet Posts

I love crochet blogging and it’s tough to choose favorite posts to write. This month’s wasn’t so hard, though – it was the post I did on organ donation crochet for my Dad’s birthday.
I also liked writing the posts where I tried to find the right crochet items for people with various interests:
And I love doing all of the posts for my Hooked Together blogroll exploration project.

Crochet Art and Artists

Crochet Books

Reviews of Yarn and Yarn Sellers and Other Yarn Stuff

Crochet Inspiration and Idea Lists

People Who Crochet

Inspiring stories of people who crochet:

Crochet on Runways / Designer Crochet/ Celebrity Crochet

General Crochet News

My Crochet

I am still working on Year of Projects so I’ve had post updates about that every Sunday. In those posts you can see the crochet bags and wine bottle cozies I’ve made and I made some wine suggestions for the wine bottle cozies this month.

In September, I also showed off:

Plus I shared lots of crochet updates and yarn photos in My Crochet Corner.

Crochet on Etsy

The themes for September’s Etsy collage posts were:

Of the individual Etsy crochet features on the other days of the week, I especially loved the Scarlet Rabbit Choker, Crochet Makeup Bag and Zombie Bear.

Daily Crochet Quotes

There were crochet quotes daily on the blog M-F all month long but some of my favorites were:

That was September here on the blog!


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