I previously did a profile here on the blog of crochet artist Xenobia Bailey whose work I love for its bright colors, geometric shapes and primal emotion. She has a new exhibit opening in Seattle on October 29th and I have to say I wish that I were in the Northwest so that I could check it out in person!

Crochet Art Exhibit Details

You can learn more about the exhibit from Bailey’s blog but here are the basics:

  • This is a solo exhibit featuring the great crochet art of Xenobia Bailey
  • It is at the Northwest African American Museum in Seattle
  • Opening night is October 29, 2011 with a reception from 6 – 8 pm
  • The theme is Bailey’s exploration into the mystical treasures of the aesthetic of funk.

Explanation of this Crochet Art

Bailey explains:
“With this project I have taken the basis homemakers craft of crochet… a humble decorative technique, commonly used to create baby clothing & accessories, doilies, tablecloths, bedspreads, window drapes and afghans to adorn the home, and altered it into an crochet Arts-of-Jubilation, composing energizing surface designs of contrasting colors and repetitive linear patterns. Creating handmade wall hanging, floor covering and soft furnishings of assembled crochet mandalas.

These Inspirational accessorized Artifacts bear witness to Re-Possessing the Ever-lasting, Ever-flowing, Sustaining Spirit of the Aesthetic of Funk, and the abilities of this under cultivated aesthetic to enhance daily life of the Super-Natural Nature of Everyday People through the art of crochet.

The important element of the cultural evolution of the Aesthetic of Funk in the African American Community, is the raw power surge of “Black Consciousness & Experiences” that has sustaining Black people through Spiritually uplifting Funky Music since Emancipation Proclamation of the 1860’s.”

If you haven’t had a chance to explore Bailey’s crochet art online I’d definitely encourage you to do so. There’s some great detailed colorwork and she does some very fascinating things with pattern.


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