I have mentioned Yarns of Italy before. They are based in the United States but sell terrific high-quality but super-affordable yarns from Italy. I just recently got some more yarn from them and now I’m already coveting a different yarn they offer!

The Yarn I Just Got

You can check the link above to see the Yarns of Italy yarn that I’d previously gotten. What I just got is this:

Lapponia Twisted Bulky Wool Blue and White Yarn. I haven’t started making anything with this yet but I’m super excited about how it looks and feels. I’m thinking a cowl. We’ll see.

The Yarn I am Coveting

There are actually several different new yarns in the Yarns of Italy Etsy store that I’m eyeing but here’s the one I am really coveting:

It’s a super soft yarn. Here’s what they have to say about it on Yarns of Italy:

Catch this fiber blend: 20% cashmere, 40% merino wool, 20% alpaca, and 20% nylon for stability. Now that’s a blend. It has chained construction, but instead of being the bulky chained yarn we’re so tired of seeing, this is delicately chained yarn with blips of puffy bits of a coordinating color woven into the chain. It’s weird. It’s cool. It’s gonna rock your world.

Crochet Friendly Yarn Sellers

I just wanted to point out that Yarns of Italy is a very crochet-friendly online yarn store. The duo behind the brand is keen on supporting crochet and is thrilled with how crocheters have responded in support of them. They were at the TNNA show with a crochet sample in their booth and that sample got a lot of attention. They hosted a recent design competition to celebrate crochet and how crochet can complement knitting on the runway. There’s nothing wrong with knit-focused yarn stores but it’s great when a yarn seller is celebratory of crochet!


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  1. Calcrochetnut Reply

    Hi, I love the blue twisted yarn so colorful. :) I just bought some Bamboo silk and Black sequinned thread at my visit to the LYS on our retreat 2 weekends ago. I am almost done with a project I am making for a Christmas gift and I love working with them together. Trying out new yarns is always so exciting. I will have to visit Yarns of Itay and see what they have. Thanks for sharing. Debb

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Debb. The yarns you’ve described sound terrific! I hope that you have the great experience I’ve had with Yarns of Italy if you do visit them!

  2. CrochetsMe Reply

    Where can i find the yarn at the top of the webpage? I looked at the link for the Etsy website on the Yarn of Italy post but it said “There’s something not quite right in the URL. Please check for any errors in the username and try again.” why?

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