Last week I posted about how I was getting on track with my Year of Projects. And I actually am. However, I’m away on vacation for a few days so I pre-wrote this week’s post. Instead of focusing on my own project, I wanted to share what everyone else is doing with Year of Projects. Enjoy what people are creating and come back next Sunday for a big roundup of the crochet bags I’ve made recently for this endeavor!

Note: I’ve included Year of Projects from both crocheters and knitters here but I’ve tried to organize them in a manner that allows you to easily focus on the crochet projects if you are so inclined. There is a really nice mixture of the two crafts including a lot of people who are working on both knit and crochet projects this year.

Crocheters’ Year of Projects

  • Underground Crafter. Marie is one of the people who inspires me most in terms of setting, meeting and tracking goals. For YOP she is working her way through Crochet Master Class, a terrific book through which she is certainly developing some terrific crochet skills!
  • Crochet with Cris. @creationsbycris also really inspires me with her organized approach to YOP. Each week we get to see the number of projects completed and added over time, the percentage of projects completed and of course an update on the work itself.
  • Eccentric Reflection. Wow – in addition to plans to make two headbands per day, Staci has some other bigger projects planned for YOP. @EccentricReflec
  • An Open Book. Her goals include a combination of her own crochet patterns and those from others and she’s worked her way through about half of her list. Great job!
  • My Hook and Yarn Adventure. MissHSoo regularly updates us about her crochet progress with WIPW and FO Friday posts.
  • Miscellaneous Meanderings. She links in her sidebar to the Ravelry patterns for her YOP, which includes some great design’s like Vickie Howell’s Urban Revival hat.
  • Lily Razz Gets Crafty. She’s got about thirty projects on her list and is doing a great job of working her way through them! Incidentally, Vickie Howell’s Urban Revival is on this list, too. Guess it’s a popular pattern this year!
  • Blueberry Tea. She has plans for nanny squares and amigurumi projects. She started this blog as part of her participation in YOP. Seems to be going well!
  • Hooks n Grannies. Dorothy has about 15 projects including wearable items and household items.
  • Mummybrains. She’s got a one-project-a-month plan. I didn’t check the links to all of the projects but the ones I checked were all crochet.
  • Jen Crutchfield. She was originally working her way through the 200 blocks in Jan Eaton’s great book. She got about 30 done and then put that on hold to work on a big project called Flowers in the Snow. @jencrutch
  • YarnBerry. She’s organized her plans into amigurumi, “scarves and shawls” and other things and has more than two dozen projects planned in total. She’s already completed a nice chunk of them.
  • Food for Thought. She’s working her way through a book called A Year of Doilies. The perfect book for this project!
  • Hazel’s Crochet. She wants to complete eight projects from various crochet books that she owns and she’s shared photos of each. @hazelscrochet has started a few of these and has had to frog one of them.
  • Faith. She has ten projects on the list ranging from crocheted birds to the Attic 24 granny stripe blanket.
  • Bits and Bobs. She has completed a nice chunk of the 14 projects on her list.
  • Yarn Dharma. Keri actually decided that doing YOP wasn’t working for her. I think her journey with it is informative and it is great to recognize what doesn’t work for you so you can do more of what does!

Year of Projects Featuring Knit and Crochet Plans

  • Master of a Thousand Things. @SuperTinks is doing about two dozen projects, about half in crochet and half in knit. Several lacy crochet shawls look like fun projects. And it’s neat to see her great yarn selections for her projects!
  • Handmade by Just-In. She’s crocheting slippers, baby booties, a shrug and more and also doing some knitting.
  • Just Call Me Martha. She knits and crochets and has some stuff in the works for YOP although I couldn’t find a list of all projects. @CyberBunny
  • Karen’s Krafts and Other Krap. She’s got two dozen mostly-crochet projects planned, is making good progress and tracking it on her main page and she also has yarn picked out for most other projects.
  • Gingerbread Girl. Carole’s got a great list of four crochet and four knitting projects.
  • Crafts from the Cwtch. I love the way that @Sarah_Knight is tracking her progress with a photo display of finished projects. She’s got about twenty projects planned including two design projects.
  • Good Purl Gone Bad. @goodpurlgonebad has completed a knit scarf and a crochet granny stripe blanket and has several other great looking projects on the list.
  • Haak-en-stekie. Ten knit and crochet projects with some decent progress done! Projects include blankets, mug cozies and bunting.
  • Cheletopia. She has more than twenty projects on her list including socks, shawls, hats and sweaters.
  • A Self-Sufficient Life For Me. She has her nineteen YOP plans listed in her blog’s sidebar to easily check them out. Some great choices there like the Crochet Crosshatch Socks.
  • Ogham Moon. She’s got twelve kids under age ten in her life and they inspired the 25 projects on her list. She started this blog just to keep track of her YOP progress so it’s a great one to check out.
  • It Started with Ruby. 13 inspiring projects here including the terrific Ethel Crochet Pillow from @sarah_london.
  • Knitspiring Odyssey. Her nine projects are about half for her and half for the kiddos, a combination of crochet and knitting.
  • Crafty Clare. She’s got some beautiful projects planned for using up her terrific stash of yarn. They include doilies, sweaters, bags and more.
  • Living and Learning. Jo has 9 projects on her list, a combination of knitting and crochet and some that were WIP that needed to become FOs.
  • FoFo’s World. She’s got about a dozen projects for YOP linked to in her blog sidebar. I didn’t check them all to see if they’re knit or crochet but I know that she does do both so I’m guessing it’s a combo.
  • Wool Diaries. She has chosen twelve designs mostly from magazines. I love a recent ripple she’s working on.
  • Lefty Crafter. She’s chosen ten different projects for the year, with slightly more crochet than knit planned, and she’s already made terrific progress on her list.
  • Sandy’s Space. Sandy of Bridge and Beyond wants to use YOP to finish up some in-the-works knit and crochet projects and to design some afghans.
  • Tami’s Amis. She’s got mostly knit projects planned (using some great yarn) but @tamiklockau also has some crochet stuff in her list of more than 20 projects. She’s the host of WIPW and FO Friday where she shares her progress and lets everyone else link up to theirs if they so desire.

Knitting Year of Projects

  • When Did I Become a Knitter? Keri is knitting socks, blankets and more with an eye towards getting several Christmas projects done for Year of Projects. @Harleagh
  • An Accidental Knitter. Working her way through the 30 cup cozy designs in the knitting book Mug Hugs.
  • Miffy. She’s got eighteen knitting projects planned for YOP and there’s a great variety in the mix!
  • It’s a Knitting Thing. Christine has about twenty projects planned – a third to knit for herself, a third for her kiddos and a third for others. I think that’s a great plan! @mmmyc6
  • A Life of Fibrey Goodness. She’s got plans to knit six pairs of socks for YOP. No recent updates on this one, though.
  • Neither East Nor West. @ADCtheABC is also knitting lots of socks for YOP. Recent updates show the work is looking great!
  • If The Knit Fits. A selection of about a dozen and a half projects ranging from a water bottle cozy to a messenger bag.
  • With Needles and Wool. Ruth has been very consistent with her updates about the two dozen knitting projects she’s got going on, which include wraps, scarfs, totes and more, all from Ravelry patterns.
  • Poison Party. She’s got five items on her list using Ravelry patterns. She’s completed a cool wood grain scarf.
  • Knit2Together. She’s got a great plan going here. First she’s got a list of knitting projects for Christmas. Then there’s a “top 6 Blog-a-long Picks”. And then some “in case I finish early” selections. She’s making good progress.
  • Knit One, Stitch One, Save One? She’s got about twenty projects on the list, some of which are WIP that need to become FOs and about a third of which are sewing projects.
  • Writing, Yarn, Pucks and Diapers. Contessa is busting her yarn stash with 18 one-skein projects. @MommeeTweets
  • Project: Stash. I love her approach of organizing her projects into knits for each season. Lovely knit wearable plans here!
  • Superstuffed. I also love the organizational approach here – separating pattern plans by yarn weight.
  • Knitwit’s Knitting and Other Stuff. Easily find her handful of YOP items listed in her sidebar.
  • Ramblin’s of a Fiberflake. In addition to some knitting goals, she’s also set some spinning goals for YOP. Fun!
  • Tri Craftual. Amy’s got some knitting goals and some quilting goals, all to wrap up some WIP. She’s calling it a slog-a-long :)
  • Sea and Garden. I love that she recently said that working on YOP has made her feel like she can put her knitting first sometimes. Awesome.
  • Alaska Kat Knits. She’s chosen two terrific projects that she really wants to get done this year. Awesome.
  • Kinpatsu Knits. She has about two dozen projects planned and most are already matched to the yarn that they’ll be made in. @Kinpatsu_Knits
  • Yarn About Yarn. She’s taking a twelve module City & Guilds Hand Knit Textiles course and she wants to complete that for her YOP. Great goal!
  • Minding My Own Stitches. She’s working her way through the sock knitting patterns in the book Knitting on the Road.
  • Another: The Eighth Day. She’s picked out twelve knit projects that will help her on her way to completing a total eventual checklist of 100 knitting goals.
  • Page After Page. Kim is hard at work on her 20-ish projects, which include scarves, hats, washcloths and more.
  • Handy Hooker. @rottnluck is knitting everything from the cool Vampire Knits book. Lots of great updates.
  • Fun and Games with the Thompson Boys. Becky is tackling more than thirty projects this year but some of those are UFO that she’s had lingering and wanted to wrap up. Great plan!
  • Karmama. She’s got about ten wearable projects planned for herself and her loved ones.
  • Nonlinear Solutions. She keeps track of her knitting and knit design goals for YOP at the top of her sidebar, complete with strikethroughs for those completed.
  • Chasing the Yarn. Rachael is doing 52 squares from a book of crochet and knit squares this year. So far I think she’s only done knit squares – not sure if that’s the plan for the whole year or not.
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me. She’s set nine knitting goals for this year but some of them are big ones like dedicating November and December to Christmas knitting.
  • Lazy Knits and Purls. She’s having a bit of a tough time hanging in there with Ravelry and blogging. I think we’ve all been there. But she’s got eleven projects on her YOP list and has worked through several of them. @topperarnold
  • The Wooly Mammoth. Her ambitious list includes great jackets, pullovers, wraps and more. Sadly, she recently broke her hand and has to rest the needles. Let’s wish her well!
Note: Edited to add one I missed:
  • The Bored Knitter. There are twelve knitting projects here on the list, two of which are WIP that need to be wrapped up. What I love here is that the knitter shares the skills she plans to be able to learn from completing her YOP. Awesome!

Did I miss anyone who is working on a year of projects project?


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    • Kathryn Reply

      @Contessa – Absolutely – I had so much fun checking out everyone’s projects.

  1. I love that this group exists on Rav. I’ve been lurking on people’s project blogs since the start but hadn’t been able to join myself until today (newborns do that apparently…take a lot of your time :-P haha). We’ll see how it goes! I’ve had my list picked out informally for awhile but now it’s time to put it into action and hopefully completion!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Anonymous – Well thanks for joining up with us now. It’s always so neat to see what other people are making.

  2. Great job………………..have you always been an over achiever? HAHAHA!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Marsha – Yes, yes I guess you could say that. :)

  3. Thanks for all the links …. planning to visit a few that haven’t posted on Rav.

  4. Minding My Own Stitches Reply

    It’s quite impressive seeing all the participants listed this way … so many participants. I found myself nodding as I read through, so I think you’ve been spot on with your little summaries. Have a great vacation!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @MindingMyOwnStitches – I’m glad to know that I did a good job with the roundup. It was so fun to do!

  5. Christine - The Bored Knitter Reply

    great list! i think you forgot mine thouh ;)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks for the heads up @Christine – and so sorry about the oversight. Will edit the post now to add you!

  6. Sandycrochet Reply

    Hope you’re having a wonderful vacation, that you’re getting some good craft time in the process. Travel safe and take pictures. Will leave the light on for you. Nice list, thanks.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Sandycrochet. I did have a terrific trip. I took many pictures using my phone since my camera is broken – turns out the phone is a good backup! Some are posted in today’s post on the Tucson Wool Festival and I’ll have some more for my progress on YOP next week.

  7. Jennifer Crutchfield Reply

    Wow! What an amazing roundup! Thanks for this post and I hope you have an amazing holiday!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Jen – My trip was terrific and I really enjoyed the chance to share the roundup while I was away!

  8. Oh boy, you are super organized and mahalo for listing mine :O). Awesome job on the set up.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Kepanie – It was great to check out your project as well as all of the others!!

  9. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    This is great – it’s like Cliff Notes for the Year of Projects meme!

  10. Oh my–what a great post. This must have taken you some time to put it all together. Thanks so much for including me–I have not updated in a couple of weeks but hope to, tomorrow!

  11. Shateen Lichter Reply

    thank you so much for listing my blog! this post was a good idea!!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Shateen and @kimmery4 – I was happy to be able to go through everybody’s blogs to put the list together!

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