Just a quick reminder here that I’m trying to raise funds to make my big crochet art project, Swaddle, a reality. In order to get my funding I need to raise $2000 through Kickstarter by November 14th. It sounds like a lot of money but if we can pull together and get 100 people to donate $20 each then it’ll all come together. And those who donate will be represented in one of the large crochet art pieces that will go on display in 2012.

What you’re supporting if you donate

Some of the key things that you are supporting if you make this donation are:

  • A large crochet art project that celebrates many different crochet techniques including surface crochet, tapestry crochet, lace crochet, granny squares, hyperbolic crochet and more
  • An emerging female crochet artist (that’s me)
  • Female entrepreneurs (the indie yarn dyers and spinners I’ll be sourcing the project’s yarn from)
  • Eco-friendly yarn (I’m also using reclaimed and recycled yarn in this project)
  • The value of women’s communication styles in society (which is a core feature of what the project is all about)
Swaddle will be a large crochet art project on display physically as well as virtually. It will help to bring crochet to a wider audience that may not already be familiar with it or appreciate its potential as an art form. And you can help!

What you’ll get if you donate

Every single person who donates will receive an invitation to the opening exhibit as well as ongoing project updates to show what you’re support has made a reality. People who are able to donate at least $5 will be represented with a set of stitches in one of the large crochet art pieces in the project. People who can donate $20 or more will get more say-so in their stitch representation (meaning that you can choose the colors and even stitch types that will represent your role in that piece). Anyone who can donate larger amounts will receive additional perks and rewards which you can learn more about on the Kickstarter page.

Why $20?

Donations can actually start as small as $1. (And if you happen to be a yarn dyer or spinner who would like to contribute yarn instead of money then feel free to contact me!!) However, I am asking for $20 as an ideal target amount because it’s small enough not to make a huge dent in most people’s monthly budget and yet if 100 people give this amount then the project will be funded.

Where can you get $20 to give to the project? Here are some ideas:

  • Cut out the junk food on your next 1-2 trips to the grocery store
  • Cancel a gym membership and exercise at home or outdoors instead
  • Go on Amazon and sell a couple of the books that you never read
  • Ask your kids to give up their allowance; explain the cause and teach them about the value of giving as we near the holidays!
  • Enjoy activities at home for a few weeks instead of going out and spending money
  • Use what you save with coupons this month to make your donation
Notice that I didn’t ask you to give up your own purchases of yarn or crochet patterns. I know better than that! :) Seriously, if you can find it in your budget to donate to make this project a reality it will be greatly, greatly appreciated and truly will go to spread the word about the great value of crochet art.

Donate here

This is where you can go to learn more about this crochet art project and to donate to the cause!

Spread the word

Whether or not you can donate, if you think that this is a good crochet cause then I’d be very appreciative if you’d spread the word far and wide through your real life and online contacts and networks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!

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