As Far As Eye Can See is an intriguing crochet for a cause project that combines art and the virtual world to raise funds for rebuilding earthquake-devastated Churchchrist, New Zealand. I love the creativity behind it as well as the way that it marries crochet, still sometimes considered a quaint craft, with interactive online technology.

Sponsoring a Square

The photo above is a screenshot of what the site looks like right now. Here’s how the whole thing works:

  • Each of those blue blocks is a square that you can click on. When you do, you’ll see a piece of the crochet puzzle, a white crochet square.
  • When you find the square you like, you can make a donation through PayPal for that square and then the image will be added to the total picture. The idea is to get donations for all of the squares and then we will all be able to see the whole crochet picture.

Bidding on the Entire Crochet Art Piece

But there’s more … You can also bid in an auction to get the original crochet piece. You can actually see what the whole thing looks like here (what it looks like beneath the blue blocks above). I can’t quite tell how you place a bid but I’m assuming that the highest bid wins and it looks like the bids may be accepted through the end of October.

What This Crochet Art is All About

The story here is that nearly two dozen crocheting gals came together to create this piece. At first it was just going to be a collaborative art project but then it became a crochet-for-a-cause project. The funds that are raised through this project are being donated to Gap Filler, an organization that helps with redevelopment and regeneration in post-earthquake New Zealand.
I’m not totally clear on how donating and bidding are working but I also haven’t checked into it extensively. I just think it seems like a really cool crochet art project!

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  1. Aprile Mazey Reply

    That is absolutely amazing and beautiful! What an awesome idea and I love the whole concept of clicking on the squares.

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