I am continuing to work my way through creating 25 lists of 25 things each to inspire crocheters. In fact, there’s only this week and one more week left in this project. Wow – time flies! This week I’m providing information on twenty five online sources for access crochet patterns. These include free crochet patterns and paid crochet patterns. There are many sources for crochet patterns online but these twenty five alone should provide you with a lot of inspiration.

  1. Ravelry. This is one of the favorite spots for crocheters (and knitters) to get free crochet patterns as well as paid crochet patterns from amazing designers. If you haven’t explore the potential for getting crochet patterns on Ravelry then you should definitely take advantage of it now!
  2. Etsy. Many people choose to sell their crochet patterns on Etsy. Some are really cheap and some are not; it varies from store to store. I often see cool crochet items on Etsy and then realize it’s the pattern for sale, not the item. So it’s another good major resource to check out.
  3. Patternfish. This is an online pattern store for crochet, knit and weaving pattern PDFs. It’s a site where people can sell their stuff and there are some great patterns for sale here. You can sort patterns in many different ways including yarn type and even gauge!
  4. Interweave. Did you know this home to the terrific crochet magazine of the same name as well as the Crochet Me blogs is also home to a great selection of free crochet patterns?
  5. Crochet Spot. One of my favorite crochet pattern sources online is Crochet Spot. They offer free crochet patterns and you can become a free member of the site to be able to purchase more detailed patterns.
  6. Fave Crafts. This popular website has links to so many different free crochet patterns that it’s hard to know where to start! Their roundup posts of similar-themed items help to get started though.
  7. Planet June. June Gilbank is a great crochet designer and her patterns are certainly worth paying for. However she does also offer a nice selection of free crochet patterns.
  8. Lion Brand Yarn Company. This yarn company offers access to a lot of different patterns online. This includes crochet and knit patterns, free and paid patterns, adult and baby and home patterns.
  9. Caron Yarn Company. There are two things that I really appreciate about the free patterns offered on this yarn store’s site. First is that they are really well formatted and easy to read and understand. And second, they are really stylish designs!
  10. Coats & Clark. Here’s another yarn store that offers free patterns online. A bonus here is that they have a section of patterns in Spanish and in French for multilingual crocheters.
  11. Bernat. Yet another yarn company that makes free patterns available online. They have some great patterns organized on a site that is easily searchable.
  12. Berroco. I think the patterns offered online by this yarn seller are also really stylish and cool. It’s neat to see how the different yarn stores offer various crochet patterns that are unique from one another.
  13. Annie’s Attic. This is a major publisher of crochet patterns and you can purchase many of these patterns as downloads online.
  14. Crochet Pattern Central. This is probably the most popular source for free online crochet patterns. I love that they offer a ton of patterns, some of which are really great. Personally I don’t like the way that they are organized because you have to click through on titles before you see the picture for any particular project so that makes it time consuming to find a pattern you like, in my opinion.
  15. Chained Links. This is a directory of free crochet patterns. It is similar in many ways to Crochet Pattern Central and has the same basic benefits and flaws, in my opinion.
  16. Maggie Crochet. Maggie Wheldon has a great site where she offers some of her crochet patterns for sale and others are available for free.
  17. Bev’s Country Cottage. Here Bev links to lots of online patterns including Christmas crochet patterns, granny square patterns and winter designs.
  18. Crochet Cabana. This great blogger creates a lot of items for charity. She shares some of the patterns she uses here and they’re great if you’re looking for something to crochet for donation.
  19. About.com Crochet. This site is a great resource for all things crochet including crochet tips, links and inspiration. They also link to lots of free crochet patterns.
  20. Crochet n Crafts. There are more than one hundred crochet patterns available for free via this site.
  21. ePattern Central. This website offers many different types of craft patterns including crochet patterns and they are sold for very inexpensive rates.
  22. Free-Crochet.com. I like the way that you can easily search for free patterns on this site. You can search by category (such as adult wearables) and / or by keyword. A free site membership gives you access to the pattern downloads.
  23. Free Vintage Crochet. There are links to a lot of different free vintage crochet patterns here. As with all vintage patterns, some are easy to understand and others are more confusing.
  24. Antique Crochet Patterns. Here is another option for people who are seeking free vintage crochet patterns online.
  25. Crochet Geek. If you would rather learn to crochet different items using YouTube videos instead of written patterns, this is a top source. Teresa’s YouTube page has video patterns for everything from crochet earrings to crochet sock monkeys.
What is your favorite online source for crochet pattern downloads?


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  1. Can you believe the list contains sites that I see for the first time!
    I know I’ll be having a grand time discovering them ;)
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Maya – There are so many amazing resources out there. Hope you find some you love!

  2. Susan Nash Reply

    Soulshine Creations By Susan, my crochet blog site of one year, will soon be closed. I have classes to take, more crochet design to learn, and plan to advance my crochet abilities to a higher level.
    I say this so you can go to the post in #1 on this comment and get the list of names of crochet sites before my site containing the list is gone. I’ve been collecting quite a list of sites owned by designers of varied degrees of experience sharing many great patterns and crochet of all kinds, and there are many more but I didn’t get around to adding them all!!

    My main site link is: http://soulshinecreationsbysusan.com/ (On my last post, May 30, I told the final details of closing, altho I’ve been leaning towards that direction for some time, and sharing with as many of my core subscribers as I could in private. It’s been a wonderful experience and I now have many great new friends who also love crochet! :)

    1. http://soulshinecreationsbysusan.com/huge-list-of-crochet-blog-sites-videos-and-links-of-patterns-for-my-previously-posted-items-yarn-savings-sites/

    other sites:

    2. http://www.theyarnbox.com/

    3. http://crochetatplay.com/php/applique.php

    4. http://crochetpatternbonanza.com/

    Thx for letting me add to the thread, see you around on the web!

  3. One of the biggest, most popular sites for free patterns (both crochet & knit) is, of course, Red Heart Yarns ~ http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns Red Heart has a U.K. site as well ~ http://www.redheart.co.uk/

    *** The Caron & Bernat sites listed above (also Patons & Lily Sugar ‘n Cream) have now been combined under Yarnspirations ~ http://www.yarnspirations.com/

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