It is possible to get items for free using Listia. I’ve explained how with some tips here. So what would you choose to get as a Listia-using crochet lover? Here are ten crochet-related things that I’ve seen on the site.

  1. Free Yarn. The number one thing that I recommend getting on Listia is yarn. I’ve gotten dozens of skeins of yarn for free on Listia. The downside to getting yarn on Listia is that a lot of other people are bidding for it so you do end up paying a lot of credits to get it. But you can get those credits for free by taking various actions on the site and some of the yarn is totally worth it. This is what I use listia for.
  2. Free Crochet Patterns. There are many people who have listed free crochet patterns for auction on Listia. Usually this is the seller’s own design but sometimes it’s a vintage design. I have mixed feelings about this because it’s hard to confirm that this really is the seller’s own design and I would want to make sure that it was but I’m sure a little research could be done to guarantee that. That said, the crochet patterns usually go for very few credits so if you use a lot of individual patterns then this could be a great way to get some new ones. UPDATE: I am no longer recommending that people use Listia to get free patterns as I’ve heard of too many instances in which the pattern has been stolen and put up for auction without permission.
  3. Free Crochet Books. I have seen several crochet pattern books for auction on Listia. Most of these are older vintage crochet books although I’ve occasionally seen some newer titles as well.
  4. Free Crochet Hooks. It is common for people who crochet to want new hooks, either because they frequently misplace their favorite sizes or because they want to try out different types of hooks to see what works best for them. Listia is a great place to get crochet hooks. Usually they don’t go for too high an amount of credits. I’ve seen plastic crochet hooks, aluminum crochet hooks and even wooden crochet hooks on Listia.
  5. Free Handmade Crochet Items. Many people who make their own crochet items choose to list them on Listia. It’s a great way for them to get credits to purchase other types of things that they want, effectively allowing them (or you?!) to barter their crochet skills for things that they need. There are a lot of crochet baby items, scarves and small accessories for auction on Listia.
  6. Free Vintage Crochet Items. Sometimes people auction off homemade crochet items that someone made in the generations before them, either something they received from a family member or some great thrift store find. If you enjoy vintage crochet items then you might want to check Listia for those.
  7. Free Crochet Clothing. Every once in awhile you’ll see a store-bought crochet item listed on the site. For example, I recently saw a crochet top from Free People for auction on Listia.
  8. Free Beads. Do you ever use beads to embellish your crochet work? I haven’t gotten too into doing this yet but it’s something that I think looks great and I’d like to learn to do it better. Many people give away free beads on Listia.
  9. Free Buttons. Buttons are another great embellishment for crochet items and of course can be really useful for some of the things that you might make. Use Listia to get free buttons, including both modern buttons and vintage buttons.
  10. Inspiration! Perhaps my favorite thing to get from Listia is just some crochet inspiration. Looking at the yarn, the crochet patterns and the various things for sale always jogs my mind and gets my ideas going. And that’s definitely free.

Have you used Listia? What do you get on the site?


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  1. Laura Letiecq Reply

    I have used Listia to offer some of my unused crochet pattern books. I have not sold any of my own patterns there, though; I save that for Ravelry and ArtFire. I also have won some books for my kids to read, which they really liked. I need to find some time to get back there since I have quite a few credits there to use.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Laura – I can definitely see why you’d save your own patterns for sale on Ravelry and ArtFire since a lot of work goes into designing a crochet pattern! I’ve never used Listia for non-crochet purchases myself but the site does offer tons of stuff!

  2. Lisa Mills Reply

    I’ve gotten a wide variety of things. A pack of really old Coca-Cola pencils for my Mom (she collects coca-cola), an Ewok pen for me (I collect Ewoks), and I have 14 crochet afghan pattern books on the way. I keep trying to get yarn and moonstones but I have no where near the amount of credits they go for, but I’m working on it =D I’m Iesadora on there if you want to fan me – I’ll fan you back

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Lisa – Wow – 14 crochet afghan pattern books – awesome! I’ll go fan you now.

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