Yarns of Italy: “The Best Italian Yarns You’ve Never Seen”

I discovered Yarns of Italy on Etsy when I was looking for some high quality bargain yarn. I’ve since discovered that they have a terrific selection of luxurious yarns and that they often feature big sales in their Etsy shop. Yarns of Italy also has a work-in-progess website at YarnsOfItaly.com but right now Etsy is a terrific place to see and buy the yarn they have.

About Yarns of Italy

The goal of this store is to bring the best yarn directly from Italy to people in the United States (and elsewhere around the world thanks to the global reach of Etsy!) They are based in the Midwest but the couple behind the shop regularly travels to Italy to pick out great yarn. When they are in Italy, they visit yarn producers so that they can handpick the yarn that they like the most. They bring never-before-seen-in-America yarns to the public here. And there are definitely some great Italian yarns out there that are worth working with!

About the Yarn

The first thing that I need to highlight about this store is that the yarn is affordable. They have a “bargains under $5” tab on their Etsy store and also feature other regular sales. This makes it possible for you to try to new Italian yarns without a huge financial investment.

So what kind of yarn will you get? I purchased four yarns in my first shopping round and have since gotten one more. I haven’t used them all yet, but I like them if for no other reason than they’re squishy soft and in great colors. Here’s what I got:

Superwash Yarn in a Variety of Blues

Filati Torre Rubino Yarn in Charcoal Grey

Filati Torre Rubino Yarn in Dark Ocean Blue

Samba in Sophisticated Blues

Filati Torre Morbidoso in Little Boy Blue

They have lots of other yarn options in their store as well. I’ve been eyeing some of their hand dyed yarns. And they have some Twisted Wool bulky yarns that look really pretty and would be great for something wintery like a chunky cowl. And some of their Alpaca yarns look terrific. I think I just want everything they have!

My Yarns of Italy Experience

I discovered Yarns of Italy on Etsy when I was searching for affordable yarn. I made several purchases from Etsy sellers on that same day. Yarns of Italy was very prompt in responding. One thing that I thought was neat was that they took the time to ask me what I was going to make with the pretty yarn combo I’d selected. I actually didn’t have a particular project in mind (I usually buy yarn and figure out projects later) but I thought it was nice that they asked. Great personal touch. The yarn came in great condition, of course.

Other Notes

I think it’s great to note that the folks behind this brand work directly with the people who produce the yarn. They genuinely like the yarn makers and you can tell that they really believe in the product that they are selling to you. There’s a lot of value in that!

CONCLUSION: Great yarns, great prices, unique options and nice service. Definitely one to bookmark and shop with!

Have you tried any of the yarn available through Yarns of Italy? Thoughts?


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