I got this Lang Carpe Diem yarn at a great price from MixedMedium


This week I’m reviewing another yarn seller from Etsy. Like Yarns of Italy, reviewed last week, I discovered mixedmedium awhile back when I was searching on Etsy for affordable yarn. This store consistently offers affordable yarn.

About MixedMedium

What you need to understand about MixedMedium is that this isn’t an indie dyer that frequently updates the store with a stock of similar types of yarns (like some of the other yarn sellers I’ve reviewed). This is a store that has a variety of different branded yarns with an emphasis on natural fibers. What this means is that there may be only one or two of the particular yarn that you’re looking at. I think mixedmedium is a great store if you want to pick up some new yarn at a good price and you like trying a mixture of new yarns. The seller doesn’t have a lot of shop information on Etsy but has been on Etsy since 2006.

About the Yarn

My MixedMedium Purchase

The yarn that is available in this Etsy store at any given time varies considerably. When I ordered mine, I got Lily Sugar n Cream, Lang Carpe Diem, a mini-hank of Silk City Bambu and two different types of merinos. I paid between $1 and $5 each per ball/ hank.

At the time of writing this post, there are seven different yarns in the store including some Crystal Palace cotton yarn, some cashmere lace and some lambswool lace. As you can tell, there are a range of different types of yarns including some really special and unique yarns and some that are more “name brand”. The yarn colors tend to be in earth tones although that’s not always the case.

My MixedMedium Experience

To be honest, my mixedmedium experience was basically uneventful and sometimes that’s a great thing. There were absolutely no problems with placing my order or getting my yarn. I received the yarn in a timely manner. I received exactly what I expected to receive. Everything was in good condition. I can’t say that anything was particular special or touching about the experience but everything went smoothly and that’s terrific in and of itself.

CONCLUSION: This is an Etsy yarn seller that I would recommend if you are looking to get yarn at an affordable price and are interested in trying a variety of different yarns.


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