This week one of the yarns that I’ve been playing around with is Creme de la Creme Yarn by Coats & Clark. This yarn has been in my stash forever. I actually thought I’d used this before but once I started working with it this week I realized that I’ve never tried it until now. It’s an interesting yarn option.

Basics of This Yarn

Creme de la Creme is a 100% combed cotton worsted weight yarn. A search online explains to me that combed cotton is a soft version of cotton but I have to say that the yarn didn’t feel particularly soft to me. As I was working with this, I was thinking that it was the first time that I’d worked with a 100% cotton yarn. However, after awhile I realized why I thought that I’d used this yarn before. It’s because it reminds me a lot of Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, another 100% cotton yarn that I did use once a long time ago (although I now can’t recall for what). In any case, my balls of creme de la creme were sold in 2 oz. balls (57 grams), which gives you about 99 yards per ball. The solid colors (as opposed to the ombre that I got) have heavier weight and more yardage.

Color Options for This Yarn

The color that I’m using of this yarn right now is called Dalmation. What I like is that it’s not an equal mixture of black and white like so many other black-and-white yarns are. Instead, it’s primarily a white yarn with really little strips of black worked into it.

There are more than five dozen different color options (solids and ombres) available for this type of yarn. Here are some of the color choices:

The Way This Yarn Feels

This yarn feels really stiff to me. Descriptions I’ve seen online say that it’s soft so that makes me wonder if it’s soft compared to other 100% cotton yarns. The only other yarn of that type that I’ve used is the Lily Sugar n Cream and I swear that one was softer but since I can’t remember much about it I can’t say that for sure. I do know that this one feels stiff to me. It’s described online as having good drape but I personally think it’s better for structured items. That said, it’s not difficult to work with and I can definitely see working with it in a number of different items including wearable items.

How I Am Using This Yarn

I am using this yarn to create a new shrug (although you can’t tell that yet from the little bit that’s ready for the picture above). My idea is that the stiffness of the yarn will create a great jacket-style shrug and that I can contrast it with some furry crochet trim, adding some pure softness to set off what I perceive as a hardness in the structure of the piece. I do have the furry yarn I might want to use for it (don’t have a name for it, it came from a yarn lot without any label on it). However, I need to order more of the Creme de la Creme to complete the shrug.


Have you used Creme de la Creme? What are your thoughts on it?


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  1. Annwhite

    About the only thing I ever use cotton yarn for is dish or wash cloths (although I work with cotton thread all the time.) I think of it more for house hold items, I have seen casserole covers and placemats made from it, as well as the dish and wash cloths.

    • Kathryn

      @Annwhite – Now that you mention it, I guess I have seen cotton used for dishcloths before. It’s interesting to play around with it and see what it does!

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