I share a lot of stories about cool old women who crochet. Usually when we read about these women, I think we picture them as nice little old ladies sitting in their rocking chairs and working with their yarn. Of course, we know that not all people who crochet fit into this stereotype, but that image is still there in our minds when we talk about older women who crochet. Mary Van Horn is a “gun-totin’ granny” who helps erase such a stereotype!

Marjie Ducey shared an article about this woman recently in Omaha.com and I just loved the story. She was a widow who married her second husband late in life and the two of them go hunting together. They don’t just go on little day trips in the woods near them, either. No, Van Horn and her hubby travel the world to hunt big game!

Van Horn’s favorite big game hunting trip was to Africa. Her most recent hunting achievement was in Canada, though, where she shot a seven foot tall black bear. The bear will end up in the couples’ farm house, which already holds a giraffe, an elephant, a zebra, a crocodile and three lions.

Now, personally I’m rather opposed to hunting, especially hunting some of these animals that I consider to be of the more exotic nature. But what I do think is awesome is the fact that this great grandmother of eight kids has chosen to keep on living her life, traveling and trying new adventurous things like hunting.

And yes, when she’s home, she reads and crochets.


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