You may have seen mentioned on other crochet blogs and yarn blogs that this week is National Wool Week. It starts today and runs through Sunday, the 11th. But what does that mean? Unlike some other craft holidays, this isn’t just some random announcement to celebrate a specific topic. It’s a week with a purpose and although it’s actually a British “holiday”, it is one worth promoting.

The Campaign for Wool

National Wool Week is an annual event in its second year and it’s part of The Campaign for Wool. According to their website, this is a multi-national campaign that “was initiated in October 2008 by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who had observed that the wool industry was facing enormous and unprecedented challenges.” Challenges included competition from synthetic fibers, reduction in sheep flocks and reduced prices for wool that made it difficult for wool farmers to continue making a living. Some of the goals of this campaign:

  • Raise awareness of the problems facing wool farmers and the possibility that wool as a fiber is being threatened.
  • Social education about the eco-unfriendly ramifications of a world without wool.
  • Encourage fashion brands, department stores, carpet makers and others to take on the challenge of supporting wool.
  • Promote the wonders of wool!

Who is The Campaign for Wool?

“The main players are representatives of the International Wool Textile Organisation, representatives of the British Wool Marketing Board, representatives of Australian Wool Innovation, and key industry figures from the National Sheep Association, New Zealand, Norway and important sheep producing nations of the world.” However this is an all-inclusive organization that wants to work with everyone from major fashion designers to small fiber artisans.

What is Wool Week?

This is a national campaign in Britain that offers a variety of events to meet the goals of The Campaign for Wool. This includes events at retail locations and other public spaces. It also marks the launch of a free monthl-long wool exhibition at La Galleria on Pall Mall in Central London. Wish I could go!!

LoveWool UK

During National Wool Week this year there’s a second campaign called LoveWoolUK. This “is a unique free style celebration intended to harness the wool enthusiasm of people across the UK so that they can become part of the Campaign for Wool. Anyone or any organisation can take part – all they have to do – is do something with wool!”

Celebrate National Wool Week

You may not be located in London but if you believe in the mission of promoting wool as a product then you can certainly celebrate this week. Options for celebrating might include:

Do you use wool yarn frequently?

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