I recently read a heartbreaking story about a woman who is using crochet to help her deal with her cancer diagnosis. I definitely believe in the power of crochet as a therapeutic tool for dealing with difficult times and she’s certainly an example of that.

Patti Hodge used to be a truck driver. However, she had to give up her work after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Hodge is only forty two years old. She has gone through cancer treatment for a year and a half but her breast cancer is in stage four and she’s recently ended all cancer treatment.

It’s tough to imagine the difficult emotional feelings that this young mother, grandmother and wife is going through. One key way that she’s been dealing with those feelings is by keeping herself as busy as possible crocheting hats for other people with cancer. She has helped raise breast cancer awareness by crocheting approximately 500 hats since she was diagnosed.

Hodge says that in addition to keeping her hands and mind busy, she feels good about giving a crochet hat to someone going through chemotherapy. She notes that your head is always cold and you might not feel stylish when going through treatment so a crochet hat is the perfect gift.

Although breast cancer awareness is obviously a cause close to her heart, Hodge does also do other work for charity. For example, she makes scarves and hats for overseas soldiers for the holidays. Warm thoughts are certainly with her!

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