When I first tried Listia, I didn’t think that it was a site that I would use very often. It turns out that I was wrong. I’ve been using it a lot to get myself free yarn and I’m definitely enjoying that experience.

Listia is an auction site that is similar to eBay. However, instead of bidding with real money, you do your bidding with points. One of the things that people have told me a lot is that they like Listia but are never able to snag the free yarn because it requires too many credits. The following tips should help you out if you want to get free yarn on Listia.

Sign Up for Listia

Before you can get free yarn on Listia, you need to get active on the site. When you first sign up, you get a few hundred free credits to start playing with. That means that as soon as you sign up, you can get free stuff! Sign up with this link and you will automatically be awarded on extra 100 points to use for bidding.

Bid on Yarn that Has Free Shipping

When I first started getting yarn for free on Listia, I neglected to pay attention to shipping costs. Although shipping costs for yarn are fairly low, the fees can add up if you’re winning a lot of yarn. By choosing to only bid on auctions that offer free shipping, you help guarantee that you truly get your yarn for free.

Get more Credits

Although you do start off with some free credits, you may need more credits in order to start getting free yarn. That’s because a lot of people have become privy to the wonders of Listia so yarn lots often go for a large number of credits (averaging between 1000 and 2000 at the time of this post). Here are some tips for easily adding more credits to your Listia bank account:

Social Networking

Listia rewards you for social networking in many ways.

  • Get credits just for linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts (50 credits each) to your Listia account. What an easy way to get 100 more free credits!
  • Look for the “share on facebook” option on auctions. This typically comes up when an auction is in the last day of bidding. You can get ten free points every time you do this action. More free easy points!
  • Use social sites to share your referral link. When you sign up with Listia, you get your own unique referral link (find it by clicking on your number of credits in the upper right corner of your Listia page). When someone else signs up for Listia using this link, you get 200 free credits plus 20% of the credits from their first successful auction! So spread this link liberally on your social sites!

Other Referral Options

You can use your referral link in other ways as well. For example, you can email it to your contacts and ask them to participate in Listia. You can use it to promote Listia on your blog. Basically, when you tell people about Listia, use this link to get more free credits.

De-Stash Your Own Junk

Find some items that you don’t want anymore (maybe even some yarn that you aren’t using for good karma!) and list them for sale to get more credits. This gets you credits up front as well as after the sale.

  • Up front you get credits just for listing an auction (100 credits for the first one and 25 each for those that follow).
  • Share the auction with specific people. Once you’ve listed the auction you can share the auction with your Facebook friends through a tool on your auction page and you’ll get extra credits if one of these people get your item.
  • Then whatever your item sells for is another set of credits that you get once the item has been shipped and received by the bid winner. Note that you will get higher credits for items if you offer free shipping (see above!) but this means that you’re not truly getting the credits for free; you’re getting them for the cost of shipping your item. I’ve done both free shipping and “winner pays exact shipping”. See what works for you.

Complete Special Offers

Click on your credits and you’ll be taken to a page that tells you how you can get more credits. One options is to “complete special offers or make a purchase”. Making a purchase means that you actually pay to buy credits, which I don’t recommend since that means that you aren’t actually getting your yarn for free when you bid on it. At first, I was wary of the special offers section, but I’ve come to love it. Basically there are a bunch of different things that you can do here to get more credits, some of which are free. They include a variety of different things like completing surveys, downloading items (such as Real Player), and signing up for services (like Mint.com).

Tips for completing special offers to get free credits on Listia:

  • Under the “more” tab, you can sort to find all of the free offers. Start here!
  • Pay attention to the fine print. Sometimes the offer signs you up for trial subscriptions (that become fee-based if you don’t cancel during the trial period). Personally I ignore these.
  • If you pay for something that you would have bought anyway, that counts as free points. For example, at one point there was an offer to get a lot of credits for purchasing computer ink. Well, I buy computer ink anyway, so even though I was technically paying for the ink, I considered the purchase free in terms of getting credits for something I already would have done.
  • The local deals tab is nice for people who are fans of sites like Groupon and Tipper. Basically you get the same types of deals through this tab but when you buy them you also get free credits. Again, if these are for things that you wouldn’t normally buy then you’re wasting your money but if you’d be inclined to get deals like this anyway then why not get free Listia credits at the same time? Also remember that these sites have their own perks and deals; for example, when you share the deal that you got, you sometimes get free money to use on the site for future purchases. Work all the angles!

Find a Method of Bidding that Works for You

Finally, you need to make Listia work for you. Some people like signing in to the site frequently and bidding small amounts on each auction as the rates rise. Others like to decide exactly what the maximum number of credits they’ll bid is, enter that amount and wait to see if they win. Just find what works for you to have a stress-free experience of winning free yarn on the site.



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