This is my Fisherman’s Wool crochet shrug.

Welcome to my little corner of crochet adoration. Here’s the weekly update about crochet in my world:

New Look for the Crochet Blog

Unless you’re looking at this post in a blog reader you have probably noticed that Crochet Concupiscence has a new look. Honestly, this has taken up a huge chunk of my time this week. I was previously using a really simple, but not customizable, free WordPress theme. I’ve switched to the Thesis theme, which means that I can do lots of different things to customize the look so it’s exactly what I want. It’s getting there. Some of the highlights of the new look:

  • A blue-green / grey theme. This represents the colors I gravitate towards most when choosing yarn and a favorite color combo of mine.
  • New logo / header. It’s just a font on top of a portion of one of my capelets but I really love how it turned out and plan to use it as my logo for some time to come!
  • Nav bar. You can still find all of my categories listed in the sidebar here but you can also easily access them at the top of the page right before the new logo. That way if you’re interested in just crochet art or just Etsy crochet posts, those posts are easy to find and navigate directly to.
  • Wider columns. This means I can post bigger pictures if I want to show off something special. It also means bigger ads for the people who want to advertise with me!
  • There’s a social share button at the top of posts. I’ve added this in addition to the Tweet button. Please consider sharing the posts that you like on Facebook, StumbleUpon and your other favorite social sharing sites.
Thanks to everyone who has already mentioned that they like the blog update. Any feedback or thoughts are always welcome!!

Crochet Blog Reading

Another thing that I spent a lot of time on this week was browsing through all of my favorite crochet blogs and craft blogs. Of course, I do that every week but this week I was basically taking a closer look at all of the blogs, making sure that I follow all of the bloggers on Twitter if they are there, and organizing the way that I have the blogs in my reader. A lot of this was foot work for my Hooked Together project. If you aren’t familiar with it, this is a project through which I am exploring all of the blogrolls of the blogs I read and reporting back. As this project develops I want to create some type of visual image showing which blogs are linked to most often and which people are reading similar types of things. I have a lot of figuring out to do about how to make that visual happen. For now I’m posting about this project every Friday morning.

Note: I am seeking sponsors for this project. For $5 you can sponsor one week’s post. This means that there will be a linkable mention at the start of the post that you have sponsored. Your text or image ad will be placed at the end of the post. Email me at kathryn.vercillo (gmail account) if you are interested.

Pam’s Comfort Cables Afghan

You have probably seen me (and many other crochet bloggers) mention this project in the past. Proceeds of pattern purchases go to support a crochet designer who needs financial assistance to pay for her chemo treatments. I bought the pattern awhile back but didn’t yet begin work on the afghan. I have decided that this is going to be my personal October project and have ordered the yarn to start the project. I decided not to go with the yarn recommended in the pattern because I want this to be a really special gift to myself. I wanted to use a yarn I really, really love, so I ordered the Patons Bamboo Silk. Not cheap, but I’m kind of at a place in my life where I need to do something really extravagant for myself and this is what I’m doing. I think I will love doing extensive work with this yarn and I’m pretty sure it’ll show off the cables in the pattern nicely. Am so excited to start this and the yarn isn’t even here yet!

Writing about Health Benefits of Crochet

I guess it was kind of a quiet week around here! In addition to updating the blog, I’ve been plodding along on my book, which is about the many health benefits of crochet. I am seeking more people to interview, preferably via email, about their experiences using crochet for healing. If crochet has helped you deal with depression, stick to a diet, handle pain or improve your health in any way, I’d really love to hear from you! Email me (kathryn.vercillo – gmail) if you’d like to be interviewed for the book!

Quiet Crochet Week

I guess this week was kind of quiet really – mostly about reading and writing! How was your past week in crochet?


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  1. I was just thinking that I’d love to do a blanket of all crochet cable blocks. Thanks so much for that link!

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Calophi – I was super excited when that design came out and it’s definitely an added bonus that proceeds go to a good cause. I look forward to seeing what you do with it!

  2. Sophia Roberts Reply

    Well worth the effort Kathryn. Everything’s looking ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS – including you, in your lovely shrug. Well done!

  3. Aprile Mazey Reply

    I love that shrug you are wearing and I think the new design is great!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Aprile. I almost didn’t post that photo since the image is blurry but I really do love that shrug. It’s great because it can go with a nice dress but can also go with jeans and a tank.

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