That was the first crochet shrug I ever made

This week has really been dragging for me. About the time of my last crochet corner update, I developed some crazy neck pain and back pain. It went away after a couple of days but then seemed to move to my stomach. I think it’s just some bug working its way through my entire body because today it’s up top in the form of a headache. I’m hoping it leaves through my ears today and I’m back to 100% soon! So I feel like I got nothing done this week but looking at the pictures and notes I’ve collected, it turns out that there are some things that have happened. Here was my week in crochet and yarn:

I Won a Crochet Book Giveaway!

Marty Miller has a new pattern booklet called Totes for All Reasons that is going on its blog tour. There have been several giveaways along the tour and I was lucky enough to win a copy of the booklet from Marty’s blog. I am excited about this because I use totes all of the time but never buy them or make them so I basically just have grocery store tote bags. I could definitely use something more stylish so this gives some impetus to make that happen!

Joined a CAL

The only CAL I’ve ever done before is the Freeform CAL hosted a couple of months ago by Crochet Liberation Front. Other than that I usually tend to watch CALs as a viewer instead of a participant. There are a few reasons. One is because they are usually motif-based and I really don’t love changing colors and joining a million ends so I tend to stay away from those projects. Another is because they often move slower than I like to work. But I’ve decided to join an easy and quick CAL over at Maybe Matilda. It’s a Lion Brand pattern for a quick, chunky cowl. I don’t know that I’ll work at the same pace as the CAL – this is more of a one-sitting project for me. But it gives me a chance to make a new cowl and give some thought to using chunkier yarns than I usually work with. I am thinking about using this super bulky yarn that I got in New York this summer:

New Crochet Work

I started a few new things this week but none of them are ready to share yet. One is a capelet that I’m working out a new design for but I don’t like where it’s going so I keep ripping it back and playing with it some more. One is the scarves I’ve been making with Loop-d-Loop yarn but I’m going to save that reveal for later in the week when it’s all ready. I’ve also been continuing on with those laceweight granny squares that will eventually be the skirt of a dress.

Always More Yarn

I’ve gotten a little bit more yarn this week. I won 14 ounces of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton on Listia for less than 1000 credits. I am using Listia a lot more than I thought I would to get free yarn! My dad also sent me another small box of yarn from his last trip to the thrift store before he leaves Ohio to head back to his home in Arizona. Haven’t had a chance to sort through that yarn yet. I did get some more of my other yarn finally organized for display around the house, though, which I’m happy about:

That last photo isn’t ideal … I’ll have to get a full set of everything once it’s all organized throughout the room. Basically it’s color organized in metal and glass containers. I’m in love with reflective surfaces in my room, right now. What can I say – I’ve been watching too much HGTV. :)

Blog Ads and Whatnot

I’m playing around with new ads in the sidebar and offering $5 per week ads to people who want to test out advertising with me. I would appreciate any feedback from my readers about the ads (do you hate them, ignore them, enjoy them, never notice them because you read this blog in a reader?) I always want to know what works for you on this blog!



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  1. Debra Yorston Reply

    Congrats on your win! I love the way you have your yarn stash displayed – pretty to look at and to dream. :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Debi – I am absolutely loving the new yarn arrangement even though it took me quite a few configurations to get there!

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