This week’s update on my little corner of the crochet world!

Crochet Pattern Designs

I have started getting more serious about creating my own crochet designs and writing up my crochet patterns. I have had about one dozen different designs-in-the-works jotted into a notebook and decided to invest some serious time this past week getting those typed up and looking the way that they should if I want to submit them to magazines and book publishers. I did the typed drafts of all of them so that they’re now accessible on my computer and now it’s just a matter of tweaking them, testing them and working out the kinks. That will be happening in the weeks to come. As part of this I’ve been playing with a variety of new stitch combinations including a repeating combination of sc, dc, tc (one stitch each repeating throughout a row). Not sure if there’s a name for that stitch repeat pattern? I like how it works up, though. Very textured.

Playing with Loop-d-Loop Yarn

I have been spending a lot of time playing around with Fern Loop-d-Loop yarn. This yarn is designed for knitting but I’m certain there’s a way to make it work with crochet. It’s basically like a half inch wide lace ribbon and I don’t quite know how to use it but I keep messing around with it because there’s something I’m finding appealing about it right now.

Crochet Decoder App

The Crochet Decoder app for the iPhone was free over the weekend only so I decided to download it to my iPod and test it out. Interesting app. It’s basically designed to provide you with quick information about crochet abbreviations, symbols, yarn weights and hook sizes. This is not detailed information but it’s an easy way to pull up a reference for these things. For example, if you can’t remember what BLO means in a pattern then you can quickly look to see that it means to work in the back loops only. I don’t know that I would use this a lot but since I got it for free I’m happy to play with it. And if I ever start to work with crochet symbols then I would probably reference this as I learn.

Have you seen my list of 25 crochet and yarn apps? Do you use any apps for crochet?

Big Granny Squares

Mostly this week I’ve been working on some big granny squares. I’m doing several in laceweight to use as dress panels for the upcycled dress I’m working on (mentioned with some photos last week). I’m almost done with a worsted weight full size big granny blanket that I’m making. The square is actually done and now I’m adding rows of crossed double crochet to extend it into a rectangle and then eventually adding a border and it’ll be done. Worked on that a bit this week and it’s almost ready for that border. I really enjoy working large granny squares with very few color changes so this is something I’ll be playing with some more.

Blog Updates and Advertising

I am tweaking my blog advertising this month for the final quarter of 2011. In the meantime, I am offering $5 / week sidebar ads throughout September. Email me at kathryn.vercillo ( if you’re interested in a sidebar ad. Let me know the link it will go to and how many weeks you’re interested in advertising. I’ve also tweaked the blog’s sidebar this month to get rid of some of the mess that was there, streamline it and make it easier to find me around the web with those new social media buttons. Oh and one final thing – my own blog ad is up in the sidebar of The Prairie Hen blog. Anyone who wants to pop over there and give me feedback on how the ad looks will be adored. :)

How is your week going?


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  1. Linda Skuja Reply

    I bought something similar to Fern yarn today. I know it is for knitting, but I will involve it in my next crochet project. The thing is – I can’t find the yarn I bought (or anything similar) anywhere on the net. So I will probably list this one as yarn idea… so thank you for bringing it up :)

    • Kathryn Reply

      @linda – I haven’t found Fern much around the web, either, (nor anything similar) other than in the knitting projects it was originally designed for by Teva Durham. I am finding that it works really well for Solomon’s Knots designs.

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